So, you’ve got a major design problem on your hands — how to make your small bathroom look bigger? There's no doubting it's a tough challenge to take on, but with space-saving furniture and a well planned out bathroom layout — there's always a way. To help you on your quest, we've compiled some savvy design ideas for a variety of small bathroom shapes.   

1. Narrow bathroom

A narrow bathroom can be tricky — the last thing you want is for it to feel like a crowded corridor. This kind of layout can feel cluttered if furniture is dotted here, there and everywhere, so try to channel your furniture into certain zones to avoid overcrowding. One option is to install your toilet and sink along the same wall, so that the opposite wall is left bare. This will stop your space from feeling enclosed and also allows for easy navigation.

Another option is to install a shower enclosure at the furthest point of the room. A wet room with a clear shower enclosure is a great space-saving solution for a narrow space. Sitting flush against the wall, the transparent glass panel will allow the eye to travel the length of the bathroom, making your space appear longer.  

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A back to wall toilet is a smart choice for a streamlined bathroom layout. The cistern is concealed in either the wall or furniture, giving a neat and tidy finish. Likewise, a floating sink shelf is a cunning way to make a thin space seem more airy. With no bulky pedestal taking up room, you’re left with a generous gap underneath. 

When it comes to storage, a wall-mounted mirrored cabinet is a good choice as it won't eat into your floor space. It's also packed with benefits: housing bathroom essentials, keeping a small space's worst enemy: clutter, out of sight, and bouncing light around the room.

2. Boxy bathroom

When it comes to a boxy bathroom, make sure you make the most of those corners. A curved walk-in shower is an effortless way to fit a spacious shower enclosure into a tight nook. Its sliding doors also make it the perfect solution for layouts where there's not enough space for an outward swinging door. 

An all-in-one combination sink and toilet is another unique way to retain more space in a square-shaped setup. By using the same floor space twice, it frees up the corner that might have otherwise been used for the sink. This creates extra room for additional furniture items. 

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 3. Awkward bathroom

If you're faced with an awkward-shaped bathroom, it's important to spread everything out, but at the same time, every element of the room needs to serve a purpose – otherwise you'll be left with lonely gaps. Make use of every nook and cranny by installing the sink, bath and toilet in the areas they best fit. 

In the L-shaped layout below, the entrance is narrow, which means there's only a short gap in-between the toilet and sink. The key to overcoming this is to choose compact, space-saving furniture. A floating vanity is a smart choice and feels less obstructive compared to a protruding floor-standing unit. It also doubles up as handy storage for your bathroom bits and bobs.

When it comes to the toilet, go for one with a short projection to maximise the distance between the sink. To utilise the space at the other end of the bathroom, opt for a P-shaped shower bath. This gives you the best of both worlds in one single foot print, and provides plenty of legroom thanks to a wide showering end.  

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Other space-saving tips: 

  • Windows are a key way to make your space feel bigger and brighter, so don’t cover them up with dark coloured blinds that absorb all of the light; go for lighter shaded blinds instead.
  • Strategic placement of mirrors can make a space seem bigger than it actually is. For maximum light potential, place your mirror next to the main window.
  • Use wall-mounted taps to allow for a narrower sink or vanity unit.
  • Install towel rails on the back of your door/shower door to free up room where your towel rails would normally be placed. 
  • Stick with one colour theme throughout for a unified look. White on white is great for opening up a cramped space.
  • Try to avoid using patterns as these can be visually distracting in a small bathroom.

*Prices correct at time of publishing. Prices subject to change.

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