Robin Day was one of the most iconic furniture designers of the 20th century, having a a huge influence on post-war modern interiors. Best known for pioneering the first polypropylene stacking chair, his groundbreaking design has remained popular over several decades and is now being relaunched in the form of a new range. Here's how to use his most celebrated piece in every room of the house.    

Robin Day chairsThe bedroom

This shell-like chair is the ideal companion for a bedroom dressing table, with the bucket shaped seat comfortably moulding around your back whilst you get ready. It works equally as well as an edgy nightstand. Simply stack vintage books or pop a lamp on the seat for a contemporary-looking table.

The office

Bright colours have been proven to boost mood, and what better place to inject some mood-lifting colour than in the office? Available in a range of acid bright shades, the polypropylene chair is a unique way to add a playful pop of colour to a work station. Its attention-grabbing design draws immediate focus, turning a mediocre desk into the room's main centrepiece.     

The dining room

Create a dining setting that will dazzle your guests by combining different coloured Robin Day chairs together. This mix-match technique works well with a range of interior styles, whether it be Scandinavian, contemporary or bohemian. If you don't fancy decking out your entire dining table with a rainbow of colours, add a subtle splash of colour instead. You can do this by placing a different coloured chair at either end of the table. You might for example choose to add a yellow chair at the head and foot of the table, but leave the remaining chairs white.


The garden

Ok ok, so technically the garden is not a room in the house but it’s still a key area of the home. The great thing about the Robin Day chairs is that their hard-wearing composition makes them suitable for use outdoors as well as indoors. The carefully cut out ventilation holes offer generous comfort in summer, keeping you cool and content on those long, summer days. We love a bold, leafy green chair to emphasise any outdoor space.

The living room

Struggling to make room for visitors? The polypropylene chairs double up as a perfect emergency seating arrangement for last minute guests. Their stackable, space-saving design also means that they can be stashed away neatly when not in use. 

The kitchen

Available in a stool form, the Robin Day Polo Bar Stools create the perfect breakfast bar set up in the kitchen. They also look great neatly huddled around a kitchen island. This kind of arrangement would work well when hosting intimate dinner parties. 

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