Nordic simplicity, Scandinavian minimalism, Brooklyn Loft can't think of anything better when it comes to your decor inspirations. And perhaps, you've got the minimalist look down to a T in your bedroom. However, when it comes to bed linen, it can be hard to match the right textiles to your look. 

The right bed dressing can really make all the difference to a bedroom. Perfecting a luxurious yet simplistic style and pulling together a minimalist look, the way that you dress your bed might be the one thing your bedroom's been missing all along. And that's before we mention the comfort factor.

But first thing's first. Let's take it back to basics. 

When dressing your bed, make sure that you have the following essentials:

  1. Mattress topper
  2. Fitted sheet or valance
  3. Flat sheet (don't skip this, it will keep you warm and your duvet cover fresher for longer)
  4. Duvet cover
  5. Pillow covers (they should always match your duvet covers)
  6. Bedspread or throw
  7. Cushions (try not to go overboard, 1-3 of these is fine)

Never scrimp when it comes to bedding. By having the above for the bed, you'll add a more luxurious, comforting look to a room.

Six minimal ideas for dressing your bed:

1. Show that there's more to white

White is a minimalist's best friend. However, long gone are the days where a room and everything in it is a shade of flat white. 

  • Bring in some subtle texture to add some depth to a bedroom with your duvet cover. Pin-tuck, waffle and pleats look great in a crisp white. 
  • Keep all other bed furnishings to the same shade of white to keep the focus on your cover.
  • Opt for a simple bedspread in a delicate pastel or neutral shade. Fold it to create more of a runner, along the foot of your bed to suit this style.

2. Stripes can work in any space

A nod to tradition, stripes look great when re-worked to suit a modern, minimal style. 

  • Opt for monochrome stripes for a clean, simple look. If black is too much, opt for a deep indigo or be playful and bring in a splash of bright colour.
  • Add some interest and introduce a clashing pattern with your cushions or bedspread. Layering is a top trend for 2016, and what better way to do it than with a statement like this?
  • Play around with stripe widths, mixing thick stripes with pin or thin stripe ones for an interesting look.

3. Introduce some moody hues

A firm favourite with Brooklyn loft-style looks, a touch of darkness whilst avoiding black can add a new level of grown-up sophistication to a space.

  • For a moody, minimal look, restrict your bed linen colour palette to crisp white, teamed with one dark but organic shade. Mahogany brown, slate grey and deep, smoky tones work well. 
  • Don't introduce colours that you wouldn't find in wood or stone. A dark purple or plum would lose it's moodiness and seem more high-end or glamourous.
  • Match your bedspread to your duvet cover. If you can find the exact same tone, or a colour within three shades, it will give a lovely layered look for added depth.

4. Soften a look with grey

Grey can add a surprising prettiness and elegance to a stripped-back bedroom.

  • Add a British twist to the Scandinavian style and opt for quintessentially British fabrics and patterns in a soft grey. Wool duvet covers tend to have a wonderful speckled texture or, you can opt for a knitted lambswool or thick, wool bedspread instead.
  • Introduce some interesting texture, and find a bedspread that has a metallic fabric, pattern or shimmery sheen to it. 
  • Keep your flat and fitted sheet crisp white, letting the focus maintain on your grey duvet covers, pillow or bedspread.

5. Add depth with subtle graphics

Mathematical inspired grid patterns may remind you of your school days, but they will add a wonderfully subtle depth to a bedroom. 

  • Pick a duvet cover with an all-over grid pattern in a soft, pale shade. Stick to 3-8 shades from paper white for a subtle look.
  • Opt for a block colour, fitted sheet that will either match your grid, or be slightly darker. It will add a nice depth of texture to your bed.
  • Match your bedspread and flat sheet to your fitted sheet. Ensuring that your colours work well together will pull together this look.

6. An organic touch

Pale, natural shades that you'd find in a forest paired with crisp whites is a firm favourite with Nordic and Scandi-style interiors.

  • As a rule of thumb, stay towards paler, organic hues if you're hoping to emulate a Scandinavian look. Known for their love of whitewashed woods and textures, try and stick towards 5-15 shades from white. 
  • Keep everything as simple as you can, your duvet cover should be plain, with the focus being on quality. Don't make cut-backs when it comes to quality and opt for the best cottons and fabrics that you can. You can thank me later.
  • Have some fun with colour and layering, choosing three or four colours from one shade and using different tones for your cushions, bedspread and flat sheet. Your fitted sheet should be white. 

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