Today is Blue Monday, the day that's been notoriously labelled as the most depressing day of the year. Based on an idea formulated by scientists, this is the date we supposedly suffer from the most post-Christmas blues. This all boils down to failed New Year’s resolutions, drab weather and summer seeming an age away. One key way to boost your mood is to liven up your surroundings, and where better to start than in the home? Here are five simple things you can do to reboot your mood, and your home this Blue Monday.  

1. Lighten up the atmosphere

Taking down the Christmas decorations can leave a void in your decor, making it feel a little bare and gloomy. Accentuating your lighting is a clever way to compensate for the lack of sparkle. Scented candles are a cheap and easy antidote, instantly adding warmth and softness. You could also recycle Christmas fairy lights by placing them in a bell jar or hanging them over the mantelpiece for a magical glow all year around.

Sofa with candles and table

 2.  Treat yourself to a nice bunch of flowers

A big vase of flowers can quickly brighten up your mood and your surroundings, injecting a dose of unique shapes, textures and aromas. Whether perched on the bathroom window ledge, placed in the middle of a dining table or on top of a coffee table, a beautiful bunch can create an alluring centrepiece in any room of the house.

Modern living room with flowers

 3.  Get plenty of sleep

Late bedtimes over the Christmas holidays can leave us feeling droopy-eyed at work, and we all know that sleep deprivation never ends well. Now’s the perfect time to update your snoozing zone for a better night’s kip. Investing in new pillows, throws or a mattress topper are affordable ways of upping your bed's comfort factor. Investing in new bedding can incentivise you to spend a little more time there too. If you're looking to make a statement with your duvet, a patterned cover which is a few shades darker than your wall colour is perfect for adding a pop of pizzazz.

Blue themed bedroom

4. Refresh your space

New year, new you - right? January is the prime time to tick those interior updates off your never-ending to do list. Small but affordable changes can make a big impact without requiring too much input. Replacing cushions covers, updating wall art and investing in house plants can breathe life into your space, instantly making it more pleasant to lounge around in. Modern grey living room 5. Take a long, hot soak

Having some time to relax might be just what you need to lift you out of your low mood. There's no better way to recharge your batteries than to take a long, hot bath. Light some candles, play some soothing music and stock up on plenty of bubble bath for the perfect soak.

Girl in a bubble bath

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