Mink - the colour that’s so often referred to in the interior world can be a troublesome one to define. You’ll often see it upholstered on a sofa or bed in a luxe, soft-sheen fabric, or perhaps you’ve been dying to buy that faux-fur mink throw you’ve had your eye on. 

A soft mixture of pink and brown, mink usually has a mauve, grey or lilac undertone and sits in the neutral range of colours. Thanks to this, it’s actually a great base-tone to a decorate a room around. So, if you’ve had your eye on a mink bed, it’s the perfect excuse for a bedroom makeover.

However, as you may already know, mink varies in shades.

  • A cool mink shade tends to have more of a grey or lilac undertone, giving it a lovely contemporary look. It’s a perfect choice for a modern room and will cool down warmer colours.
  • A warm mink shade will have a predominantly pink undertone, creating a delightfully chic look that can add prettiness to a contemporary interior or give a dainty look when offset with cooler and darker tones.
  • A deep mink shade will have more of a mauve or brown undertone, adding a sense of depth that oozes luxury in any space. You may find that some deep shades of mink carry a tinge of red, making it a perfect way to add warmth without losing sophistication in a north-facing room.

Products used, from left to right clockwise: Cool mink, Ripley Velvet Bed - £ 295 , Matalan Faux Mink Storage Stool - £50 . Warm mink, Nomad Ottoman Bed -£375, Sheepskin Rug - £59. Deep mink, Shimmer Rug Mushroom Mink -  from £55.

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