Valentine’s Day is looming closer. If you're looking to have an intimate dinner at home, but want to avoid the cliches, this moodboard might just give you the decor inspiration you need.  

  • Create some pastel power

Layer various pastel colours together for a striking colour combo, giving pink the most prominence. This will create the perfect backdrop for Valentine's Day red. 

  • Throw in some shapes

Geometric shapes help to punctuate the look by creating definition. Fish scale motifs and zig zag patterns will add an unorthodox twist. A table cloth or napkins are an affordable way to inject these kind of designs into your scheme.

  • Add some flowers

Flowers or leafy plants help to put you in the celebratory mood, and make great table centrepieces. Team these with red and white coloured tea lights to set off the ambience.  

  • Drop in some hearts

No Valentine’s Day is complete without hearts, but don't worry, you don't have to go overboard. Scatter heart-shaped chocolates over the table for a subtle but romantic touch. 

  •  Don't forget the table

Finally, don't forget the table. For a truly unconventional Valentine's dinner, you could go for a picnic style setting. Simply deck out a coffee table with all of your decorations, and place down some big squishy cushions to kneel on. You can view our range of coffee tables here.