Choosing a colour scheme for your home is always tricky, but can be especially difficult in the bathroom where natural light can be limited. We've picked out our 10 favourite colour schemes to show you how to work with on-trend colours, without eating up too much light.


Create an organic feeling in the bathroom with earthy hues. Combining murky green with off white tones creates a calming backdrop. Earthy colours are great for softening busy patterns too, as you can see from the brown mosaic flooring below. Team with all white bathroom furniture to break up the darker tones.    


Add splashes of colour to give statement features more focus. Retro blue tiles turn the bath into a key focal point. However, covering the entire room with such a strong colour can be overpowering, so create balance by weaving in some lighter hues. Grey walls and cream furniture will work a treat.  



This look takes the grey trend to the next level, graduating various shades of the hero hue from the walls down to the flooring. If you're a big fan of darker colours but don't want to compromise on light, this is a safe but stylish option. This play on colour creates the perfect setting for a long soak after a tiring day.  



Mimic clear-blue skies with this chalk blue scheme, perfect for conjuring up a looking-up-to-the-clouds sensation when you lay back in the bubbles. This traditional palette looks particularly good when brightened up with natural light.  



Whilst it might not be the most obvious shade to choose in the bathroom, using mink as your main base colour can create quite the setting when teamed with all white furniture. Marbled floors with hints of mink will blend in harmoniously, adding a lavish touch.  


It's the most well known colour combination on the planet, but it's also a combination that works a treat in the bathroom. Black furniture creates an ultra modern feel, especially when placed against white walls. Opt for reflective surfaces for extra impact.  


If you want a colour that will stand the test of time, a neutral shade is the way to go. Great for creating a sense of freshness, a light wash of cream will create a bright and airy setting. For a subtle contrast, combine with cream's best friend, grey. This kind of colour scheme is ideal for opening up a small space. 



If you're going for a futuristic theme, turquoise and black makes for a sleek colour arrangement. A splash of turquoise blue on the wall nearest the window will ensure brightness. Cover the bath area in reflective tiles to create definition.  


Brown probably isn't the first shade to spring to mind when decorating a bathroom. However, when used correctly, it can be a great way to make a space feel warm and cosy. Using a colour blocking technique, layer two different shades of light brown together. This will ensure that an ample amount of light filters through. 


It's cool, it's contemporary and it's calming. Duck egg blue is a great shade for the bathroom, adding a splash of colour whilst promoting tranquility. This restful hue is ideal for softening up a space.

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