Flowers, breakfast in bed and pampering. It’s what makes Mother's Day so special.

However, sometimes the above can feel like history repeating itself and lacking in inspiration. We show you how to create the perfect Mother’s Day this year, by thinking outside of the box and reviving these Mother's Day classics for a personal twist.

Tailor the breakfast to her

Be considerate of her needs. She may be on a health-kick, have a pet hate for fruit at breakfast or generally dislike the idea of eating in bed all together. Follow these three tips for some breakfast inspiration.

  • For mums who want to be healthy: Swap the toast for muesli, the tea for a herbal hot drink and amp up the exotic fruit that you wouldn't normally buy.  A dollop of greek yoghurt and sprinkling of seeds or honey will add some luxury.
  • For mums who'd rather not eat in bed: A big pot of tea, comforting mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows, or a naughty glass of fizz with a strawberry inside will do the trick. Make her a breakfast (or get dad to warm it up as you wake her) and place it on the table ready for her to eat when she's up.
  • For mums who like to indulge: Treat her to the full works. A bacon sandwich in bed followed by chocolate dipped strawberries and a glass of fizz or elderflower cordial? Who could say no to that?

Be playful with the little extras

Pop her favourite song on the radio, or put in a DVD or slideshow of a holiday together whilst she eats her food. It will create a lovely talking point and turn what could be a quick breakfast into a family morning in bed. 

Add a homemade touch

  • Wrap plastic plant pots containing flowering bulbs ( such as hyacinths ) with brown parcel paper. Tie with string for a sweet, homemade look that you can plant together later.
  • Give her an everlasting gift by pressing flowers yourself. If this isn't an option, or you'd rather keep things simple, buy her a dried floral arrangement instead.
  • Opt for wildflowers from the garden or outdoors and place in small glass jars for a dainty, English-cottage look. If you live with your parents, make sure to get some permission from dad first. If you'll be picking wildflowers, make sure to check the Wild Flower Society or BSBI's code of conduct. Not all flowers should be picked, and no flower should ever be uprooted.

Go the extra mile

Be mindful of the flowers that you'll be choosing and how they will look when placed in her interior. A beautiful floral assortment that complements her dining room colour scheme? That's a winning combination. 

Get the basics right 

No one wants to walk into a messy bathroom. Make sure to give it a quick clean whilst focusing on getting the bathtub spotless, and de-clutter any unnecessary bits and pieces. 

Make her feel extra special

  • Try something different and use a bath oil for a truly indulgent soak. A sprinkling of petals or bath salts will add to the opulence.
  • Light scented tea-lights and candles and place around the tub to create a luxurious, cocooning atmosphere.
  • Leave a glass of wine and her favourite book by the side for an additional treat that differs from her usual routine.

Get the film right

Pick a film that you both enjoy. There's no point in watching a film that she adores but you hate as it will just cause  friction. But of course, favour the choice towards her. It's OK not to love it.

Do more than expected

  • Stash away chocolates, drinks and snacks to ensure that no-one will have to leave to stock up on more. 
  • Get the nail varnish and cream at the ready. If you want to treat her that little bit more, indulge her with a mani or pedicure. 
  • Give dad an excuse to spend some "me time" and make a mum and kids only zone with lots of cozy blankets, pillows and throws.

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