Bookcases have long been considered a necessity, often placed in a corner or behind bolder pieces. But filled with favourite books and stories, they often hold the secrets to your personality. So why not embrace your bookcase, and style it to display the things you love in full view?

    We show you how to flaunt your personality through your bookcase, and demonstrate how it can be much more than a place to simply store books.

    Use it for more than your book collection

    A perfect way to add a personal touch to any home, a bookcase gives renters the option to add colour, texture and print to what is an otherwise simple space.
    • Create a sense of balance in an open or broken plan space, by showcasing statement pieces of crockery. We love an antique truffle or cake stand to add some extra height.
    •  Showcase a love of plants to give your space a fresh, outdoors feel as well as help alleviate smells and clean the air.
    • Display something you collect in a space where it will get seen, rather than hiding it away in a box or underneath the bed.
    Mix it up from the norm
    • Create a chic, eccentric look by stacking large, vintage books on top of each other horizontally rather than vertically. It will add a sense of depth, as well as give an excuse to rummage through your own favourite antique boutique.
    • Hang cameras, binoculars or even a small framed picture from the top.
    • Mix modern and old styles for the contemporary look that's on everyone's radar at the moment. We particularly love industrial key pieces, accentuated by weathered or back-to-nature woods.
    Be playful with colour, size and texture

    A clever way to utilise the upper third of a room, a bookcase can draw the eye towards the ceiling, giving a sense of space. 
    • Don't try to be uniform with size. Opt for different shapes, sizes and heights to create interest.
    • Add an oversized or tall item to the top shelf to maximise the upper third and create an illusion of space.
    • Mix up colours and textures. Mismatched is the new monochrome. 
    Layer to flaunt your personality
    • Don't feel the need to refine one type of item to a shelf. Follow a row of books with a large leafy plant, or a framed picture that has been propped against the wall.
    • Add smaller items in front of main pieces to add an extra element of depth and make the most of the space.
    • Add a rich, textured rug underneath for a cosy touch.
    Showcase a statement light

    This is a simple one that goes back to the core purpose of the bookcase. Need a little extra light when reading? Invest in a key, statement piece for some wow-factor.
    • Add a tall table lamp to the top shelf to create instant impact and brighten your room. A style with an adjustable neck or stem will give you the added benefit of practicality.
    • If a light won't work for your space, add an oversized statement sculpture instead.
    Don't be afraid to have fun
    • Forget the rulebook, a statement bookcase should be something that is experimented and played with. Keep trying out new positions and arrangements that you wouldn't normally do, to find the perfect balance.
    • Celebrate your literary taste and showcase your favourite books without any judgement. It will create a great talking point for guests and you never know... they may share the same guilty pleasure story too.
    To create this look, we styled the Quinn Bookcase - £65, with our Elizabeth Vintage light - £35 and the Vintage Rug - £19.
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