You hear the phone ring - it's a family friend calling to say they're popping by in 10 minutes. Ok, breathe and don't panic. With a few easy tricks, you can make your home look presentable in no time. Here's how to whip your home into shape with 10 minutes on the clock.  

Key tips before you start:

  • Prioritise the areas of your home that will gain the most traffic. 
  • Disguise items to sort out later.
  • Carry essential cleaning items with you as you go. 

10 minutes

First and foremost, get rid of messiness's worst enemy: clutter. Sweep through the main rooms with a laundry basket and gather up the offending objects. It might be the oldest trick in the book, but it sure does work a treat. You can then store the basket out of sight and sort through properly when your guests vacate.     

8 minutes

On to the kitchen. Quickly wipe down the counters, take the rubbish out and add pots or dirty dishes to the dishwasher. If you want to bend the rules, you could cheat by disguising them in a bowl of soapy water.    

 Kitchen counter

6 minutes

With so little time to waste, there’s no point faffing around with the vacuum. Instead, grab a dust pan to sweep up dirt in a fraction of the time. This is a great hack for removing dust from carpeted stairs too. 

Dustpan and brush4 minutes

As the bathroom is one of the most frequently visited rooms by guests, it’s important that it looks up to scratch. Never underestimate the power of a pack of baby wipes. Give the sink and bath a once over and squirt some bleach down the toilet. Make sure you hang up a fresh hand towel - nothing shouts unclean bathroom more than an unhygienic towel.    

Hanging towels2 minutes

With only a couple of minutes to spare, it's important you make the most out of the time left. One clever trick is to spritz your rooms with air freshener. The sweet-smelling scent will fool your guests into thinking your home is cleaner than it actually is.  

Congratulations, your home now looks like Mary Poppins has payed you a flying visit. Now, where's the wine?

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