The right dining table is the perfect way to instantly transform the look of any dining room, a well as become the practical heart and soul to any good meal. However, as you may have already realised, a dining table that you love, won't necessarily be one that suits your room.

We break down seven common room types, and show you what table is best for you and your family to sit around and enjoy your dinner time.  We even paired each room type with one of our #TogetherAtTheTable recipes, just for an extra boost of dinner time inspiration.

1. You have a small dining room to fit a family of four

Even though you may be faced with a snug dining room, you love cooking for the family and encouraging a little bit of healthiness through your meals. The Roasted Veggie Frittata is the perfect choice for when you're pushed for time, but want to have a sit-down meal.

Pictured, top right rectangle: Holt dining table - £149.
  • Opt for a rounded table that will soften the space as well as ensure the whole family can gather round at mealtimes.
  • A glass top will create a sense of space and openness by reflecting light.
  • Play with shape and size by pairing the table with padded, bucket seat chairs in neutral colours. They'll make the perfect perch for weekend drinks with friends.

2. You have a snug open-plan space for a family to eat

You tend to dine in an open plan space that has far more uses than one, and love a hearty meal with your loved ones. The Chicken Cacciatore served with crusty bread and soft butter is the perfect excuse to tuck in and create conversation.  

Pictured, top left rectangle: Riley Dining Table - £189.

  • Play around with chair shapes and colour for a modern look that will grow with the trends. 
  • Create a sense of flow by investing in a glass topped dining table that will show the surrounding floor and walls.
  • "X" shaped legs will generate interest and give a dining table a statement look that will impress guests, as well as create a stylish social hub.

3. You opt for farmhouse style dining in the kitchen

It may not be rustic, but you love having a dining table in the kitchen for a farmhouse feel. With a true foodie's hub that is as good for socialising as it is cooking, the Lamb Hotpot with Celeriac and Potato is the perfect recipe for you.

Pictured, top left rectangle: Orkney Extending Dining Table £389.

  • A solid table in a natural, textured wood will add a touch of country-chic without being confined to one style.
  • Create a seating arrangement of benches and chairs for a chic look that makes hosting all the more easier.
  • An extending table will mean that you've always got space for a few more, but can keep your room neat and tidy when it's just the usual company.

4. You have a spacious open plan room for two 

You have enough space to be experimental with furniture and its arrangements, and even though dinner time is usually just for two, you never turn down an excuse to host. Chilli, Pork and Bean Stew is the recipe for you.

Pictured, bottom left rectangle: Arcata Fixed Dining Table - £99.
  • Don't be afraid to mix things up. Contrast a white or black table top with bold chairs in a variety of colours for a fun, contemporary look. 
  • A circular table in a smaller open plan space will look less imposing and blend well with any other room zones. 
  • Thin legs that taper from the table centre will elongate the design and create an illusion of space. We love the use of pale, textured woods. 

5. You have a small space that tends to sit two

With not much room for anyone else, you'd rather go out for a meal than host at home and love baking sweet treats for two. A light, and simple supper of Butternut Squash and Prawn Rogan Josh would suit you to a T, and looks gorgeous when placed in the centre of a small table.

Pictured, top right rectangle:  Bistro Dining set - £159.

  • Opt for a sleek, simple table design that will complement your wall colours and room without making too much statement. 
  • Be experimental with your choice of chair and go for a bold, bright design that will off-set your table for a quirky look. 
  • A classic bistro design will give you more leg space, making it a perfect work-at-home desk too.

6. You have a medium sized dining room and a full home  

You're not struggling for space, but have a big family who like to use the dining room for homework, play or even a place of escape. Creating your own Pizza Parlour is a fun and easy dinner time option, and the family will love diving into their custom made creations. 

Pictured, bottom left rectangle:  Eton Dining Table - £369.

  •  An elongated table in a textured solid wood will create a practical, yet stylish centrepiece that will stand the test of time and suit most decor styles.
  • Keep it simple with your table and look for a design with sleek, straight lines and an unfussy finish. Contrast it with industrial, coloured chairs for a fun look that is family friendly.
  • An extending table will mean that Christmas dinners and family get togethers aren't too snug, but your table needn't dominate the dining room the rest of the time.

7. You’re blessed with space

Your dining area is your pride and joy, and a lot of practical and social time tends to be spent here. Cook up a storm with the Healthy Chicken Korma with Pineapple Salsa and let the compliments come flooding in.

    Pictured, bottom right rectangle: Oslo Dining Table - £219.

    • Make the most of space and invest in a statement table that will command attention and transform a room. A design like the Oslo Dining Table features a stunning star burst effect and unique legs that add beauty without being OTT.
    • Mix up your seating and pair benches with different styles and periods of chair designs for a chic, Scandi- look. Make sure that they're all uniform in colour to nail this trend.
    • Create comfort by dressing your table and seating area with textured, simply coloured furnishings. Your guests will thank you.

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