Easter tends to be a time spent with loved ones, friends and family in the form of lengthy lunches, Sunday feasts and guests getting cosy in the living room.

If you've got little ones, they've most likely been nagging you about helping them to make their Easter egg for the school competition, or not-so-slyly hinting about which Easter eggs they're after. And if you're expecting company over the weekend, perhaps you're thinking of how you can set your home apart from the rest.

We've tried and tested 5 simple Easter egg inspired decorations, perfect for anyone and everyone to attempt. They'll also give your home a chic and crafty Easter touch without the focus being entirely on boiled eggs. 

1. The Easter Sunday table centrepiece 

A striking alternative to a vase of flowers, this seasonal decoration makes the perfect centrepiece for an Easter Sunday dinner and is sure to impress your guests.

How to make: 

  • Crack some eggs into rough halves and wash out the insides.
  • Arrange the egg shells with spring flowers in a decorative bowl or cake stand. The more natural and organically you put this together, the better it will look.
    • 2. An Easter weekend hallway display  

        A wonderful way to greet guests this Easter, a contemporary branch display looks perfect when placed on a console table or statement chair for a more quirky look. 

        How to make:

        • Purchase a small branch-like tree or plant – we used a tree decor stand that can be bought from most craft shops. If you want to keep it natural, pussy willow or birch works well too.
        • Paint real or polystyrene eggs in vibrant colours. To create flowery eggs, attach paper flowers using wire or superglue. 
        • Hang from the tree using thin ribbon. 

        3. Stylish Easter weekend decorations

          Whimsical, pretty eggs decorated with gold foil and metallic accents are perfect for creating an on-trend seasonal display. We love to see them arranged on a bed of wrinkled pastel tissue paper for a truly chic touch. 

          How to make:

          • Paint empty egg shells in one colour and leave to dry.
          • Paint glue onto the bottoms of your eggs.
          • Dip your eggs in glitter, gold foil or both.
          • Pop your eggs into a jar, or arrange them in a decorative bowl for an eye-catching display.
          4. Easter Sunday fun and games 

                  If you normally create a fun Easter hunt for your little ones, perhaps try something different this year with some fun Easter Egg piñatas. They're not only fun to play, they also look great when hung up around the home or garden. 

                  How to make:

                  • Papier mâché three balloons. Once dry, deflate and remove the balloons.
                  • Cut up crepe paper into tiny strips and/ or fringe them.
                  • Cover your papier mâché egg in your chosen crepe paper strips. It's ok if they're not perfect as this adds to the home-made feel.
                  • Fill your Easter egg piñata with treats of your choice, then cover the hole with left over crepe paper. Hang from a branch plant using ribbons.
                  5 . Good Friday gifts

                      Give your loved ones something more personal this year, with a stylish, customised chocolate egg that's surprisingly simple to make. We love a textured, imperfect look for a Scandi-themed space.  

                      How to make:

                      • Cover a shop-bought egg with melted chocolate.
                      • Using edible gold paint, decorate it to your heart's content.
                      • Once completed and dry, either re-wrap your egg in its original foil or a piece of coloured tissue. 
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