Looking at selling your home this spring? Boosting the value of your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Carrying out a few cheap and easy tweaks can pay off big time. We’ve compiled some useful tips with the help of expert estate agents, Manning Stainton. 

1. Maximise kerb appeal

First impressions really do count. Potential buyers are likely to form an opinion within seconds of visiting your home, so it’s important that the outside area looks fresh and inviting. “Sweep and tidy the pathway and make sure that the front door looks clean” says Manning Stainton. “Clean and polish any house numbers that are attached to the front of the house, make sure that the doorbell works and answer the door with a smile to get your viewing off to the best possible start.”

2. Spruce up the garden

Buyers are almost always going to ask about the garden, so make sure you create a positive impression by smartening up your patch. Mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges and adding a few attractive plants will help to show off its true potential.  

Plants3. Add little touches

They say that the devil is in the detail and this certainly rings true when trying to sell your home. “Dressing a property, especially bedrooms with cushions and luxurious items will make it more attractive.” Add fresh white towels in the bathroom and style your bed with crisp, white linen. A fresh bunch of flowers will also leave a lasting impression on your guests. “Orchids last for weeks so they are a great option when selling a property.”

4. Dress the room as it should be

There’s nothing more confusing than entering a room to find it doesn’t look like it should. As Manning Stainton say, “If it’s a dining room, dress it as a dining room with table and chairs, if it’s a bedroom dress it as a bedroom.“

5. Concentrate on the kitchen

If you’ve only got time to beautify one room, make sure it’s the kitchen. Many kitchens now function not only as a cooking area, but also as communal space to watch TV, host dinner parties and catch up with the kids. So it makes sense to give the most utilised room your undivided attention. You can easily whip it into shape by upgrading the accessories. “Dress a drab kitchen with red tea towels, coffee jars etc. This will draw the eye away from any imperfections and make it more desirable.”

6. Conquer the clutter

Clutter can be your home’s worst enemy when trying to sell up, so declutter where possible. “Pack away any unused items and pop kids toys in pretty storage boxes.” Doing so will help to maximise the size of your rooms and enable viewers to envisage how they would decorate the space if they were to live there.

7. Clean, clean, clean

Clean the house from top to bottom to showcase it in its best possible light, paying special attention to the the kitchen and bathroom. “Remove any signs of mould from shower cubicles, tiles and windows.” Always make sure that all visible surfaces are clean and shiny. For an ultra pristine finish, give your home a fresh lick of paint throughout.

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