Brass is back! Creeping into our homes in the form of pendant lights, table legs and ornaments, this sought-after metal is making a strong comeback. The great thing about brass is, it’s extremely versatile. Much softer than its bolder counterpart, copper, it blends in effortlessly with any space. Here’s how to work it into your home.

Update fixtures

For a subtle splash of brass in your home, concentrate on the finer details - a little goes a long way after all. Installing small fixtures such as brass handles, door knobs, taps and even radiator valves are all affordable ways of perking up dated furniture.  

Add a statement piece

If you’re looking to make more of a statement with brass, opt for stand-out pieces such as a floor lamp, bed frame or bath tub. Doing so will add a antique feel to your space. This is perfect for chanelling a vintage vibe.  

Team with appropriate colours

The trick to making brass pop is to team it with either a really dark backdrop, or a really light backdrop. Using a contrasting shade helps to give it visual focus. Complementary colours include chalky pastels, soothing neutrals, deep navies and even black.     

Combine with other metals

If you're feeling extra daring, combine brass with other metal accents such as copper and rose gold. Working metal combos into your decor creates a chic, industrial look.

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