The hallway gives visitors an instant insight into your style and living standard - after all, it’s the first place they see when stepping into your home. However, when on a budget, creating a grand first impression in the hallway can be more difficult than you'd like.

We take inspiration from luxurious, traditional styles and show you how to inject a little British eccentricity without moving too far away from the norm. It's the perfect look for tricking your guests into thinking you've spent a fortune, with its timeless, comfortable appeal giving an air of understated opulence. And we managed to keep it well under £400 with a grand total of £383.

Pictured, clockwise: Juniper Curved Glass Pendant Light - £59, Matalan Orange and Bergamot Diffuser - £5Belmont Draught Excluder - £12Blanche Bevelled Glass Lantern - £15

Light it up

  • Invest in a classically designed outdoor lantern, such as our Blanche Bevelled Glass Lantern - £15to light up your porch and invite guests into your home with style.
  • A statement yet simple pendant will draw the eye upwards, giving guests an awe-inspiring focal point that will give an illusion of space. The Juniper Curved Glass Pendant Light has striking attention to detail and texture. 

Add opulence with colour

  • Paint your four walls in a sumptuous, dark colour that will create a cocooning effect without bringing the walls in. By painting your hallway a colour darker than any other rooms, you'll also create the illusion of space and make them look bigger.
  • Add accents of faux brass, copper or gold for a touch of luxury that your guests won't think is fake. Use lavish textures and fabrics such as velvet to emphasise your colour choice.

Pictured, clockwise: Matalan Calm Fragrances Jar Candle - £6, Matalan Round Antique Style Mantle Clock - £6, Adam Decanter Table Lamp - £49Cotton Muddle Mat ( 500 x 1500mm) - £29Matalan Faux Fern Plant - £15Matalan Large Round Hurricane Glass - £8, Eton 2 Drawer Console Table - £179.

Make the little things count

  • Little, inexpensive touches such as draught excluders and candles will create a comforting, welcoming atmosphere- especially on colder evenings and rainy days.
  • Mix up classic designs with modern accessories for an eccentric twist. We love the look of our Adam Decanter Table Lamp when placed next to the playful pink Matalan Large Round Hurricane Glass.
  • Never underestimate the power of smell. A reed diffuser will give your hallway a delightful scent and can be tailored to the season for extra impact.

Splash out on what matters

  • Make sure to invest in the items that will be touched the most. A runner mat that is soft and warm underfoot, or intricate handles on a door knob or drawer will leave a lasting impression.
  • Splash out on one or two more expensive pieces that will create a statement and attract attention. Mix these up with bargains and cheaper furnishings to create an eclectic, expensive looking collection of items.

If you'd like to make a quick hallway update, take a look at our range of home furnishings, for a luxury touch.