Alongside laundry day, changing bed linen tends to rank highly on the “chores I’d rather avoid” list. And if you’re feeling stuck in a disastrous bed-making rut, it’s time to shake things up in the bedroom. We trialled and time-tested three ways to change a duvet cover, ranging from classic to more adventurous methods. So, you can finally find a way to finish this dreaded chore faster, get your feet up, and enjoy your day. You can thank us later.

1. Burrito Method 

Time: 2 minutes 30 seconds.

Difficulty rating: Advanced.

The verdict: What seems like the trickiest method of the bunch is actually as easy as pie once you’ve got the hang of it. And even though it actually took the longest out of the three, it’s the method that requires the least effort by far. We found that it’s particularly good if you have a large duvet (such as a king size) and it’s surprisingly relaxed method to do. Step 6 feels like magic.

Best for: Larger bed sizes, a home with multiple beds and people who don’t want to exert themselves. 

2. The Matador

Time: 1min 20 seconds.

Difficulty rating: Easy.

The verdict:  This method is my personal favourite of the three. Similar to the burrito method, it cuts out some of the legwork, but means that a little extra elbow grease is needed for step 4. It's the most tiring method of the three, especially if you’re faced with making multiple beds for a big family or a king-size duvet. In which case, perhaps you’d be better opting for a less physical method.

Best for: Single beds, kids and smaller households.

3. The Hoki Coki (also known as the ghost method)

Time: 2 minutes.

Difficulty rating: Medium.

The verdict: This is a bed-making classic, and rightly so. It does require a good shake of the duvet which can be tiring but does the job in no time at all. However, it’s not the best idea for little ones, who are likely to get lost inside a big duvet cover when reaching for the corners.  This method is best done to some upbeat music to have a good shake to.

Best for: Single and double beds, households with multiple bedsteads and people who like to keep it simple.

Please note: we tested each method with a duck feather and down king size duvet, and king size cover.

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