Maintaining its original laid back and relaxed interior vibe, part of the modern take on Boho is about focusing on “less is more” and taking a step back with colour. It's still all about textiles that you’ll want to take your shoes off for, global colours, print and and plants, but a more minimal approach is taken to wall paint (rooms tend to be painted in soft white) and furnishings leave your mind feeling calmer. We run through 8 products that will instantly transform your space and complement your new Boho interior, whether you want to go all out with the look, or simply add a touch of Boho to a nearly-there room. 

1. Savannah Coffee Table, £115

When it comes to the Boho interior, nothing should be too glossy or pristine - everything looks best with a little wear and tear. Woods should be a little weathered, metals shouldn’t look like they’ve just been polished and for once, imperfections can really pay off. This low, weathered looking design with brushed metal legs will add an interesting contemporary touch that will bridge the style gap between other rooms. 

2. Kahriz Rug, from £19 

Embrace your inner Boho maximalist and invest in multiple ethnic print rugs and mats to place around and underneath your coffee table. This rug's vibrant yet earthy tones would look great if overlapped against colour and print clashing throws on a sofa. Or, recreate the current blogger trend for placing this rug under a kitchen table.

3. Tavistock 2 Cube Shelving Unit, £45

Even though the Boho trend tends to embrace a maximalist approach to decor, finding the right practical pieces to store essential items and electronics can be a pain. This 2 cube shelving unit provides the perfect amount of storage and its distressed, textured wood adds a Boho element. Store any unsightly products in a wicker basket or Moroccan chest and place plants in terracotta pots on the top. Indoor Ivy will trail downwards and add depth, whilst a Yukka plant or Palms will add height. 

 4. Mink Sheepskin Rug, from £59

Give your feet something to sink into after a long day, with the cloud-like comfort of a sheepskin rug. It fits the natural element of Boho interiors perfectly, and this warm mink colour will look great when paired with rich reds, blue and other jewel-like tones. 

5. Bora-Bora Small Sideboard, £169

Building layers and depth from floor to ceiling are key the Boho look, whether it's with plants, pictures or furniture. A sideboard will give you essential storage space, and a textured design in a rich wood like above will instantly add a tropical feel. Bringing a sense of nature indoors will amplify the laid-back Boho vibe so layer large leafy plants, dried flowers and oversized Dracaenas in various heights on top of this sideboard. And remember, hanging plants and the revival of Macramé planters are essentially a requirement of the new Boho interior. 


6. Eton 3 Piece Nest of Tables, £175

Bohemian interiors tend to ignore the rules which enables a wonderful sense of freedom. Global trinkets and designs should take the limelight, with a splash of antique and playful finds inbetween. A nest of tables in textured wood will look great in a Boho interior, and will give you the perfect place to display favourite holiday pictures or trinkets.

7. Fraya Chairs (set of 4), £129

Part of the new take on the Boho trend is about keeping it simpler on the walls, and adding interest with everything else. All four walls tend to be painted in warm shades of white (we like pink undertoned paints) or rich, exotic jewel tones of emerald, sapphire and ruby. Contrast neutral walls and wood textures with bright, zingy colours such as yellow or lime to remind you of sunshine. Dining chairs are the perfect piece of furniture to be bold with. 

 8. Phoebe Birdcage Table Lamp, £69

Pretty, intricate lights in simple colours and textures will add depth to your room. Look towards Moroccan and Middle Eastern designs for inspiration and embrace a little flamboyance. Pick out bulbs that will cast a soft, candlelit glow to amp up the relaxed interior vibe.

 *Prices correct at time of publishing. Prices subject to change.

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