There’s a common misconception that a room should fall into one camp and one camp only. Contemporary, Vintage, Scandinavian or Bohemian, there's an unnecessary fear of mixing one with the other. But what you'll actually find is that the most stylish interiors are the ones that don’t play by the rules. In fact, they'll incorporate a mish mash of styles. So forget matchy matchy, it's all about marrying two polar opposites for a match made in heaven. Here are just a few of the unlikely combinations we love.     

Old vs new

Never be afraid to marry the old with the new. Merging two different time periods together can create a truly unique look when done correctly. This technique also creates balance. If you were to add too much vintage for example, your home could end up feeling dated.   

Always opt for a neutral backdrop to soften the contrast between the two styles. Another trick is to combine pieces that naturally complement one another. An abstract rug will find a natural place underneath a retro table, whilst a vintage chair will look great nestled next to a contemporary light.  


Pictured, from left to right: Cabone Rug, Yellow - £45, Grace Chair, Beige - now £109Elizabeth Vintage Floor Lamp - £99

Boho vs scandi

Boho and scandi. They may sit at opposite ends of the spectrum, but join them together and they make the perfect pair. For a long-lasting relationship, make scandi wear the trousers - too much boho and your decor can end up feeling busy. Opt for white nordic furniture and play around with boho accents instead. An ethnic tribal rug will set the mood and looks great teamed with a leafy house plant.

From left to right: Kahriz Rug, Brown - £19, Robin Day Polo 4 Leg Chair, White - now £79, Holt Coffee Table - £149

Country vs contemporary

Whoever thought that country and contemporary wouldn’t work out was wrong. This controversial couple make a great match. For a country cool look, put your own modern spin on country's trademark furniture. Contemporary chairs will look great huddled around a rustic table, whilst a stylish sideboard makes a quirky alternative to the infamous crockery cabinet. Stripes are also a clever way to modernise a country setting. Offset modern elements with a grey backdrop, this will help them blend into their unpolished surroundings. 


 From left to right: Broadway Striped Eyelet Curtains, Black - £25Orkney Extending Dining Table, Pine - £649Drift Dining Chairs Set of 4, Stone - £195

East vs west 

Just like fusion cuisine, combining signature styles from different parts of the globe makes for a heavenly recipe. Eastern decor often takes influence from nature, so make sure that your theme reflects this. Bring in woody textures and bright flashes of colour to mimic beautiful eastern landscape. Team with simplistic furniture for a slice of european. This eclectic combination will create the perfect zen den. 

 From left to right: Vektor 2 Piece Nest of Tables, Glass - now £119, Oslo Bench, White Oak - £209 

 *Prices correct at time of publishing. Prices subject to change.

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