Taupe has a harder time than most when it comes to colour definition. An easy neutral that will look great in any home, it is actually derived from the French noun "taupe" meaning mole, hence its trademark in-between brown and grey colour (you can use that fact-of-the-day to impress the guests!)

Seen in two colour tones, taupe tends to lean towards either cool grey, or warm with hints of red or pink. It's an easy one to mistake with another tricky colour - mink, so when you're trying to explain the difference between two curtain colours to a puzzled partner, remember to note that taupe has more of a brown base-tone as a defining factor. It makes all the difference. It's predominant brown colouring is also one of the reasons that it suits almost every interior style, giving a modern and versatile look that's a perfect balance between masculine and feminine.

To really understand the colour taupe, read on. And to make things even easier, we show you the perfect colours to pair with whatever shade of taupe you decide on.

Cool hues of taupe

Pictured clockwise, from left to right: Imperial Eyelet Curtains - from £59, Imperial Rug in taupe - from £115, Sasha Rug in black and taupe - from £45, Robin Day Polo 4 Leg Chair in pink- £79, Charlotte Floral 5 Light Pendant - £79, Melody 2 Drawer Coffee Table - £119

A cool shade of taupe will have much more of a grey base than brown, and may have a green or limey yellow hue. This type of taupe works particularly well in modern or contemporary interiors and can be easily worked into a vintage look with its shady, tea-stained colouring. 

  • If you have a room with good natural light, pair this kind of taupe with blues or grey based neutrals for a sleek, modern look.
  • A pair of textured taupe curtains against a cool white wall can work well with a Scandi-look interior.
  • If you have a north-facing room, warm up a cool taupe with soft pinks, peach and red-based colours.
  • Contrast a neutral taupe tone with hits of bright, bold colour in your furniture. A playful bubblegum pink chair would complement a cool taupe rug perfectly. 

Warm hues of taupe

Pictured clockwise, from left to right: Amari Eyelet Curtains in taupe - from £95, Rosita Rug in taupe and chocolate - from £9, Vintage Rug - from £19, Grace Chair in silver velvet - £115,  Rosie Chandelier - £69, Eton 2 Drawer Console Table - £299.

Warm shades of taupe are easy to spot with their soft red, pink or rich purple undertones. Reading more brown than grey, warm taupe is a great colour to bring some class and subtle luxury into a space.

  • Add some comfort and warmth into a room by pairing your shade of taupe with deep wood with undertones of orange or terracotta. 
  • Counteract a north-facing room by adding some warm taupe curtains and a soft-copper or saffron stained glass pendant to emphasise light.
  • Create a luxurious look by investing in sumptuous fabrics in modern colours such as grey or cool blue against pinky-taupe rugs or soft furnishings. 
  • Create a cosy ambience in a southern facing room by emphasising natural sunlight and opting for red or orange-based colours. 

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