Walls can be so much more than a place to hang a few pretty pictures or a bookshelf. In fact, a single wall could be the source to your guest's house envy. And who doesn't revel in a little bit of satisfaction from a house-jealous visitor? 

Forget predictable, we show you how to create a seriously unique wall display no matter your room's restrictions. We've even got some solutions for renters. Read on to find out 7 inspiring decor tricks that will make you re-think putting your floor space first. 

1.  Pave the way for a multi-tasking space

The urge to completely zone each area in an open or broken plan space can override everything else, sometimes becoming too restrictive and making your room seem smaller - not great if it wasn't that big to begin with. 

Instead of hanging pictures, showcase favourite trinkets, prop pictures and stack dinnerware on shelves or elongated, thin console tables. Opt for some skinny shelves in a smaller space, and create the illusion of space by adding them to the longest wall in the room. They work particularly well as a branch between a kitchen and living area, and will stop you from feeling the need to cram dinnerware or kitchen accessories in the cooking area only. Be playful and hang bright bunting from the top shelf or console table for some extra pizazz. 

2. Try something a little bit different 

Think outside of the box and make your statement with a simple, colour-block feature wall that surrounds a chosen picture. Use masking tape to plan out your area and paint it in a chosen colour that will contrast your base wall colour. Here's a simple rectangular shape, but don't be afraid to experiment with shapes - triangles look great too.

3. Personality meets practicality

Add pegs, hanging baskets and the occasional framed picture or mini-shelf on your chosen feature wall for a unique display that will also create extra storage space. A row of benchessideboards or chic, mismatching chairs will create more room for storage as well as give your guests a place to sit. Showcase your personality by displaying your favourite trinkets, plants, books and even clothes (hats look great!) This will create a designed, eclectic look that others will strive for, when really, it was just a way to get you some more space. 

Pictured, from left to right: Florence Wing Chair (set of 2) - £285, Matalan Multi Aperture Photo Frame - £12, Robin Day Polo Sled Chair - £89.

4. Showcase a simple statement 

For a twist on the classic pictured wall look, paint your frames to match your wall colour and really let your artwork sing. If you're planning on hanging a row of pictures, don't be too matchy-matchy by making them the same width as the piece of furniture beneath. Centre them instead, to create some empty space on either side. 

If you want to add some drama to your room, opt for one huge framed print to take centre stage on your wall (one that fills around two thirds will look divine) and is sure to lap up all the attention. 

5. Create a gallery at home

What better way to showcase a camera-lover's collection of photos, artwork or prints than creating a personal gallery at home? Before getting out the hammer, make sure to plan out your gallery wall using pieces of cardboard that have been cut out to each frame or picture's size. This will ensure that your wall works in your chosen space. Mix things up by using washi, or coloured electrical tape to pin up a handful of pictures, for a fun pop of colour. 

If your space is small, try something different with a corner gallery wall, starting from the lowest point to the ceiling for a look that will elongate a room and create a unique zone.

 6. Don’t be limited by your rented home

Not being able to decorate your walls doesn't mean that they have to be bare. Place a skinny console or nest of tables flush against a wall and prop frames, books and flowers against it for a pretty wall display that will add personality to a rented space. Opt for a row of frames that are slightly overlapping for a chic look, or one statement oversized frame for a more dramatic one. 

Pictured, from left to right: Matalan Deep Mounted Photo Frame - £4, Melody 2 Nest Tables - £89, Matalan Glass Photo Frame - £5.


7. And make sure to pick the right light

Never underestimate the impact that your lighting will have on your feature wall. The wrong one will instantly bring down the tone and distract from your display. Try to not to draw too much attention away from your pictures so opt for sleek, reflective designs that will let the colours and shapes found in your artwork take centre stage. Opt for simple spotlights if you don't want any attention taken from your wall, or surround the area with perfect mood lighting by investing in simple, yet gorgeous floor or table lamps that fit your chosen interior style. 

Pictured, from left to right: Zachary Wood Table Lamp - £49, Harrison Large Floor Lamp - £149, Mason Globe Ceiling Light - £79.

 *Prices correct at time of publishing. Prices subject to change.

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