Sugary shades are making a mouth-watering comeback, especially now that summer is on its way. As well as adding a powerful punch of colour, candy accents are great for lifting the mood and can instantly make a space feel more refreshed. So, whether you're a fan of sherbet lemon yellow or mint humbug green, don't be afraid to take inspiration from your favourite sugary treats for an on-trend look. Here's how to give your space some serious sweet appeal. 


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The cooler shades in the candy palette tend to consist of chalky pastels. Their soft undertones mean they can be easily combined with one another, so if you're a big fan of the pick 'n' mix look, cool candied hues are the way to go. Equally, calming pastels look great in a rustic setting and are perfect for conjuring up a modern country vibe.

  • Pair with cream or white wood to complement the coolness. Combining with white furniture will also create a light and airy atmosphere.
  • Drop in some silver accents to make your candy colours pop.
  • Weave in some glass textures to balance out the brightness. 


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Warmer candy shades are great if you're looking to make a statement. However, they can be a little harder to work with, as too much vibrancy can feel overbearing. So, the trick is to drop in some lighter colours to counteract the brightness. 

  • Grey makes the perfect backdrop for showcasing stand-out sweet shades, softening them up whilst giving them visual focus. This combination will also work a treat in a mid-century modern theme. 
  • Look towards glossy surfaces - these will bounce light around the room making a colourful space feel more open.
  • Get the best of both worlds with colour block furniture. A white table with brown legs meshes well with hot candy hues and will add a contemporary edge. 

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