When it comes to safety in the home, common sense prevails. Sure, most people know about stair gates and keeping sharp things out of reach, but what about window blinds? Without proper care, blinds can cause accidents. Not to worry, because with our four simple steps, you can make your home the safe haven your family deserves. 

1. Don't create an unofficial climbing frame

We all know that little ones love to explore – and what’s more fun than climbing on furniture? Many household accidents happen when little ones climb and get tangled in cords or blind chains. By keeping beds, cots, highchairs (and anything else that kids explore) away from windows and blinds, you'll greatly reduce the risk of them getting in a muddle. Yes, it may sound obvious, but as most parents will agree, children really do get everywhere!

2. Danger-proof dangling cords and chains

Most blind types have a cord or chain mechanism. Similar to most other objects in the house that are boring or go unnoticed by adults, they can seem like a fun toy to kids or pets. If your blind has a chain, fix a tensioner to the wall or window recess (all our blinds come with one included). This will keep it out of reach of little hands or paws, without affecting how it raises or lowers the blind. If you have Venetian blinds or Roman blinds, wind the cords around a wall-mounted cleat, which come as standard with new blinds.

3. Keep things out of reach, and out of mind

As a parent, you'll know that children do like to keep reaching for things you've told them not to touch. By fixing the cleat or tensioner at least 1.5 meters from the floor, they won’t be able to reach dangling cords, and are less likely to notice and recognise them as a new play thing, or if they do, will quickly lose interest.

4. Make sure your chain will break under pressure 

Most new blinds have a break-away built into their chain or cord, designed to temporarily snap if put under stress. This means that if your little one gets in a knot, the weight of their body will snap the chain, preventing an injury. The break-aways can then be reattached, like new. Just remember, cords should never be tied together or they won't snap.

All of our blinds meet the latest European child-safety regulations and, when properly installed, will help keep your family safe and sound. Why not take a look at our ready-made blackout blinds – ideal for the nursery. Or create your perfect fit with our made to measure blinds. 

For more information of child safety, visit www.makeitsafe.org.uk.