When it comes to fashion, there are three influential cities across the globe that rule the roost — Paris, New York and Milan. We can certainly trust them when it comes to their design expertise, so why not take a leaf out of their decorating books? Here are a few key lessons we've learnt from the world's iconic fashion capitals. 


Fashion-forward Parisian style is all about marrying the old with the new, so don't be afraid to team that chic armchair you found at a flea market with a shiny new coffee table. French decor also has an element of simplicity to it, so keep the basics of your theme paired-back with neutral walls. If you're craving colour, utilise accessories instead. For an authentic Parisian vibe, opt for curvaceous furniture with intricate detailing. Don't forget to add a bit of romance too. Paris is the city of love, after all. A statement chandelier, glimmering gold ornament and a fabulous floral rug will do the trick.  

New York

A stylish New York apartment can be described as a big open plan space which oozes industrial flair. Think vintage leather chairs, wired lighting and up-cycled wooden crates when decorating in this laid-back style. Exposed brickwork is also a staple ingredient for conjuring up an urban loft feel. When it comes to the backdrop, go for a dark colour that evokes an industrial feel, such as a smoky charcoal grey. For a true Big Apple vibe, work in some metal accents and distressed textures. 


Milan is home to the big powerhouses of fashion — Gucci, Prada, Versace, Fendi and Armani, to name a few, so you could say it's a city pretty clued up when it comes to fashion. And the same goes for their interiors. Timeless, clean and contemporary epitomise the designs of Milan decor. Minimal furniture with sleek lines will evoke a modern Milan feel. Team this with tall, slender floor lamps placed against a white backdrop. Think black and white when decorating in this theme. Clutter should be kept to a minimum to make statement pieces stand out. 


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