All hail Scandinavian style. Simple and understated, the Nordic look has well and truly stolen our hearts over the past year or two. But like all trends, what’s next? Now seen as an everyday staple in British interiors, we’ve gained the confidence to experiment and take it to new levels. Here are three new ways to bring Scandi into the home in 2017.  

1. Incorporate Scandi with a British twist

Our ever-growing love affair with Scandi has seen us adapt it slightly to suit our own British tastes, rather than replicating it in its entirety. It’s slowly evolving from complete minimalism into a more lived-in contemporary style. After all, us Brits enjoy a little bit of clutter once in a while. We’re starting to see vibrant patterns and colours emerge, rather than a space that’s completely awash with all white. The furniture is, of course, still functional and clean, but our playful personalities are shining through soft furnishings in the form of bright colours and geometric shapes. Another trending take on the style is a pastel blue backdrop. This is set to be a popular background choice in 2017, giving Scandi settings a calm and almost coastal feel. 

Pictured above:  Large Tear Drop Rattan Lantern - £20.00, Normandy Chevron Lined Eyelet Curtains, Natural - now £16,  Floral Printed Cushion - £6, Cabone Rug, Yellow - £45, Cubics Rug, Grey - £59

2. Say hello to lagom

Move over hygge, a new Scandinavian lifestyle trend is in town. Say hello to ‘lagom’. Last year’s hype was around hot chocolate, candles and cosiness. This year the focus is on the environment and becoming more resourceful. In fact, the concept ‘lagom’ is loosely translated as ‘just the right amount’. It’s all about creating balance and making your home look stylish in a sustainable way. Reducing energy consumption, saving money and making the most of what we already have is a big part of this. Small, simple changes can make a huge difference, whether that’s using a thicker duvet to stop yourself from putting the heating on full blast, or switching out your light bulbs for energy efficient alternatives. Likewise, think about functionality when purchasing furniture, can it do two jobs for the price of one? Modular pieces are a big part of Scandinavian design and can offer limitless options in terms of looks.  

Pictured above: Floral Printed Cushion - £6, Imperial Suede-Effect Lined Eyelet Curtains, Silver - £55, Malmo Deep Bookcase - now £65Malmo Deep Bookcase With Doors - now £105, Stripe Panel Duvet Set from £25-£30

3. Make your home family friendly

Family is central to Scandi style and is fast becoming a big part of the Scandi mentality in Britain. As we mentioned earlier, this year it’s less about minimalism and more about working around your lifestyle, so start focusing on Nordic pieces that can transform your home into a practical family setting. Think durable dining chairs that are easy to wipe clean and stain-resistant rugs that can handle accidental drink spillages. Rounded edges are a staple in Scandi style and will add a laid-back feel, as well as being safer for little ones. 

Pictured above:  Imperial Rug, Taupe - £109, Normandy Chevron Lined Eyelet Curtains, Natural - now £16, Lexi Bar Stool, White - £95, Quinn Ladder Bookcase, Oak - now £65Benny TV Stand, Oak - now £79Benny Coffee Table - now £79

*Prices correct at time of publishing. Prices subject to change.

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