Once again, it’s that time of the year to venture on a summer holiday and escape from the daily grind, perhaps with a bunch of excitable little ones and a furry friend in tow...or if you’re lucky, a cosy group of two. Families are now more than ever choosing to spend their summers in the UK rather than overseas, opting for the beautiful beaches and quaint seaside towns beside Devon, Cornwall or Wales, for a truly British change. Time spent paddling in the sea gathering handfuls of seashells and hot-stepping over pebbled beaches is a wonderful way to spend a summer holiday. For the little ones it’s a bold new adventure… but for the grown ups it’s a welcome trip down memory lane.

Whilst previous holiday collections of seashells are more than likely gathering dust in a cupboard or residing in an awkward space, there’s no better time to bring the holiday memories home by incorporating them into your décor for an on-trend update, despite their traditional connotations. A room traditionally associated with a nautical look; the bathroom, is a perfect spot to display your family’s hard-earned seaside finds. 

We’ve picked our top 5 ways to effortlessly add shells into the bathroom, for a contemporary, yet nostalgic look which kids and grown-ups will adore. And, with the ease of being a non-permanent solution to be simply switched up when the seasons change, they look great in any space and can add a personal touch to rented homes.

1. Big and bold

Remember when you found that huge conch on your last trip to the seaside? Make a bold statement by placing it in a prime spot in your bathroom. Add a modern twist and create your own art piece by using spray paint or paint to give it a new colour, perhaps a chic grey or bright block tone? This look is perfect in a more minimal bathroom, for a striking look with a hint of fun.

2. Seaside by candlelight 

Add instant nostalgia with a glass jar or simple dish filled to the brim with your collection of dainty shells and a tea light inside for when you have a soothing soak. A vintage, glass dish looks wonderful in the bathroom and creates a beautiful centrepiece, or simple Kilner jars filled with dark mussel or clam shells can be used for a contemporary industrial look.

3. Take the holiday home

Get creative and glue shells on simple frames or pots, to instantly re-create those holiday memories. Deep red terracotta pots or frames adorned with creamy limpet or furrowed shells inject Moroccan influence into the bathroom, or use crisp, white frames paired with faded, textured shells for a contemporary look. They make the perfect place to display your favourite memories, or store bathroom odds and ends.

4. One for the kids

Little ones will love seeing their hard earned shells taking the limelight, and will be happy to get involved in creating them. Create fun wall hangings to be tied to bathroom pegs or curtain rails for an elegant, yet playful touch which can be crafted as a fun task with kids on a rainy afternoon. Use pieces of sheer ribbon and simply superglue shells to run down each strip. A creamy lace ribbon adorned with pink and pastel shells creates a delicate vintage touch and the thinner, lighter shells will catch the light beautifully. 

5. Floral inspiration

A wide, flat shell creates the perfect dish for succulents or small cacti, both wonderfully easy plants to care for, which conveniently thrive in the humidity of a bathroom. A simple way to display your summer mementos in the bathroom, a shell filled with plants adds a rustic, natural tone to the bathroom, and gives you an excuse to boast about your green fingers.

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