Your sink is so close to the door that it barely opens, and the thought of fitting more than one person into your bathroom is enough to give you palpitations. Perhaps your small bathroom still has the shade given by its previous owner; cream, magnolia or white. The mere idea of painting it anything else raises the issue of making the small space look smaller. Sound familiar? If so, it’s likely that your bathroom has become a bleak afterthought -  a place that is devoid of cheerful colour, one that’s cold and unwelcoming.

However, a small bathroom needn’t mean bare walls and sterile furnishing. It should be a space which soothes the soul and feeds the mind; energising you on a morning and creating a much needed escape after a day of madness. The trick to creating a bathroom which has impact is simply to embrace and emphasise it, no matter the size. And yes, colour is allowed!

So, here’s our three step guide to making a tiny bathroom into something larger than life as well as busting the “colour means compact” myth. Ready to ignite your inspiration?

Elevated space

If you feel that your bathroom’s floor space is pushed to the limit and you’re unable to reposition the shower, toilet or sink, make use of the upper third space, an area often overlooked. Simple shelving can run along your wall, as high as you wish for extra, valuable storage and a place to position frames of striking images and colourful holiday snaps. Try hanging a huge, framed piece of vivid artwork against a pale wall to create a striking focal point and play on space.

By choosing a piece the same width as your bathtub and hanging it above, a striking balance is created. Paint your frame and shelving to match your wall colour, to create the illusion of more space whilst keep the shelving as subtle as possible. Hanging extra plants from windowsills, shower rails or the ceiling, creates a floral nirvana and allows you to reap the benefits of fresher, cleaner air in the bathroom.


Your walls shouldn’t be refined to shades of cream or white because of the belief that it’s the solution to a small bathroom. In fact, colour can accentuate and emphasise the space that you do have. However, in a small space colour should be used sparingly. If deciding on a richer or brighter palette, walls should be one shade, with perhaps, a complimenting tone used on the skirting board, coving or panels. Opt for deep, opulent colours of midnight blues, aubergine and greys to create a welcoming space that cocoons you in sumptuous comfort, or use pastels and faded tones of yellow, greens and peaches to lighten a space.

Be playful with tiles, looking for a mixture of texture and colour palettes in varying sizes. We love the use of mother-of-pearl textures and intense, earthy tones to frame a walk in shower or bathtub. If painting the walls or changing tiles is too much, be as bold as you dare with colourful accents and furnishings in the bathroom, against a soft pastel wall or urban grey for a chic look.


Finding the right furnishings to add the finishing touch to the bathroom can be tricky, especially when faced with a small space. However, we find that a little flamboyance goes a long way. Create depth with bold finishing touches. Use a statement mirror to create a beautiful focal point, with the added benefit of adding extra light into the bathroom, your space will instantly seem bigger and brighter.

A large vintage vase or jug adorned with intricate patterns and colour can be filled with flowers to brighten up a small space when placed on a windowsill, and certain flower petals filter light for a delicate, gentle touch. Don’t be afraid to play with shape, size and colour. The more variety there is, the more impact and greater depth to your bathroom.
Another great idea to use alongside these tips is to use space saving storage. Storing away all your bathroom bits and pieces can make a huge difference to the amount of space you have to play with.

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