It’s the end of a long, hectic day. Your little ones are starting to wilt after a morning, afternoon and evening of mischief and it’s that time again – bath time. As soon as the words are uttered, you’re greeted with their last gasp attempts at playtime and giddiness that more often than not results in kicking and screaming. Either way, prepare for havoc in the bathroom.

Space, or the lack of it tends to be the trickiest problem in the bathroom, with many homes having bathrooms smaller than the size of a king-size bed to work with. In a full house with grubby children to clean, a shower or bath in a narrow or boxy space can prove to be a difficult one. So, it’s time to get crafty and utilise what you have for the best results.

Shelve It

Vertical space is a simple, relatively cheap solution and the addition of high shelving will keep the items you don’t want little hands on out of reach, as well as providing clever storage for towels and toys. Use longer shelves to lengthen the room and emphasise its space, or be inventive and add pegs in leftover nooks to hang toys, towels and dressing gowns on. 

Through the Looking Glass

Hudson Reed Glory LED Mirror with Folding Sides and Motion Sensor- £218.83

The use of mirrors can completely transform a small space, reflecting light to create the illusion of a bigger room when strategically placed. Be cunning and face large, minimal mirrors opposite each other to instantly make a small bathroom look bigger and brighter. Not only this, but they can add a bold focal point, being as lavish, or understated as you like to add a striking tone to the room.

Room to Manoeuvre

Wetroom panels starting from £59

If your children are growing up, consider getting rid of the bathtub altogether. A wet room style shower frees up plenty of room, makes a great play area, and can be simply wiped down clean after use. Be playful with a lick of paint or bold tiles alongside the shower to instantly liven up the room. Buttercup yellow paired with urban grey nails the “fun yet sophisticated look” and children will love the bright palette.

Make a Stand

Trick Square Double Ended Freestanding Bath- £493.03

If you’re blessed with space, a stylish free-standing bath is a wonderful option. This enables you to keep an eye on younger bathers and make sure they’re squeaky clean, whilst they’re kept happy with more play space and the feeling of a less watchful eye. Pair it with vintage white walls rather than bright white, as it looks cleaner for longer and doesn’t show up fingerprints and splashes. 

In the Shade

Double sink vanity units- from £225

Just because you might have little ones creating bubble bath kingdoms one minute, or playing with toys in the shower the next, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be a soothing spa-like space once everything is cleared away. Using rich, dark colours and opulent furnishings will instantly add a touch of grown up sophistication to your room and with cleverly concealed storage, no one needs to know you have a box that’s full to the brim with action figures or dolls tucked away inside.

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