Have you ever reached the top of somewhere, and been astounded by the vision below?

Perhaps it came from an urban landscape from the top of a skyscraper, a grassy field beneath a hill top, or even a bundle of excited kids as you tower above.

We’ve collected three experiences, each capturing a moment in a life, and the colours they created.

A tropical view from Penang Hill, Malaysia

“A rush of warm air sweetened by flowers, the soft hum of electricity from a hub of attraction to my back and the sudden urge to peek over the rails into the mass of jungle, city and sea below sums up the moment I reached the top of Penang Hill. I’d go back there in a heartbeat.” - Katrina, Writer, Leeds.

Bring the memory into the home: Faded blues that were once alive with vivid colour and deep, fresh greens are contrasted by a splash of rich petal pinks and coral. Paired with a hazy, pale blue sky, this colour-scape can be brought into the home for a tropical update with a splash of one (or two) vivid block tones against softer, deeper hues. Incorporate them with something as small and subtle as a pillow or throw, or try a larger statement by creating a painted wall.

An urban view from the Empire State Building, New York

“There’s something rather beautiful about the haziness of New York. Even though it’s caused by pollution and the mass of traffic below, when you’re standing above it, it feels like another world.”-Emily, PR executive, Manchester.

Bring the memory into the home: Go for an urban look in the home, with a grey and off-white palette that features details of rich browns tinged with red and striking black for a bold statement. If you’re renting or would rather look for something smaller to decorate than a wall, give an old dining table a chic update with a lick of grey paint, and furnish with sleek black or deep brown vases.

A grassy view from the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

“I actually managed to drag two nature-phobic tykes up here, thanks to the allure of its part played in Harry Potter. How glad they were that I had! A picnic above this amazing sea view was enough to keep the whole family silent… even if it was only for 5 minutes.”- Katy, full-time mum, Milton Keynes

Bring the memory into the home: Add a touch of British summer to the home, with sun-bleached petal yellows, burnt oranges and cooling blues, greens and off-whites to contrast. A striking orange throw draped over a lilac grey sofa, adds the perfect, and simple update.

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