Personally, I’m a bather.

After a long day at work or a particularly strenuous exercise session (aren’t they all?) nothing compares to stepping into a delightfully warm bath, there to give aching muscles a comforting break and soothe the mind. However, taking the plunge into summer bathing, is something I only recently became acquainted with.

After a particularly long run on a scorching July day last year, the idea of a quick shower just didn’t appeal to me. Even though it was 24 degrees outside, my bath was calling. Cue a quick trip to Google and the consequent surge of inspiration, I filled my bath with water and prepared for a long, summer’s soak...

Some like it hot

The most important thing to remember about bathing in the summer is of course, the temperature. Filling your tub with water which you have to gradually lower yourself into for fear of 3rd degree burns, isn’t a good idea in when it's warm outside. I tend to go cool, finding a perfect lukewarm temperature which I’m happy to soak in for a good half hour or more. Spoil yourself by doing it in a freestanding tub, for the perfect luxury bathing experience. 

Heaven scent

When you’re in the mood for bubbles, opt for lighter fragranced products, filled with fresh citrus and floral notes for a refreshing summery feel whilst you bathe. I found the art of herbal bathing fairly recently, and find it’s something which pairs perfectly with summer rather than winter. A great excuse to get creative without having to commit to lengthy processes, all you need is a piece of muslin and string to get started. Simply add flower petals, herbs or whatever takes your fancy, tie into your cloth and pop into the bath. Add a few drops of essential oil if you prefer a stronger fragrance. Wrapping oats and rose petals into a muslin cloth works wonders for the skin (it's my personal favourite), and sends you into a wonderfully soothing place.

Give it some muscle

If you’ve been exercising and your muscles are in pain, an ice cold bath is the absolute best way to achieve quick recovery and also a great way to get the boys interested in baths. One for the brave, it’s the bath I tend to reserve for the days which are infuriatingly hot or my muscles are on the verge of calling quits, but the benefits are superb. Of course, there’s a cheat’s way instead, something which I tend to rely on more than often. Following your bath, run ice cubes over aching muscles to improve circulation and soothe your hard earned aches and pains. You can also try dipping your tired feet into a tub shallow filled with cold water and ice cubes for a heavenly experience. After a day of high heels, you’ll be thanking me.

Remember, a bath doesn’t necessarily need to mean submerging yourself in water for half an hour or more. I find myself filling my bath with my own concoctions, favourite bubble bath, or ice cold water regularly, there to dip my feet and legs in and relax after a hot and hectic day. Opt for a deep, angular bath with a wide ledge perfect for perching on, for the most enjoyable foot bath. 

And of course, never forget the glass of ice cold fizz.

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