I’ll be honest, the majority of my thirty-odd years have been made up of what I know now to be mediocre shower experiences. From disappointing dribbles to skin-stripping sprays, I’ve experienced a wide variety of adequate - but not always pleasurable – showers. The fact that I’ve put up with less-than-perfect showers surprises me now that I think about it, because the fact is, I LOVE showers.

I didn’t really know how much I was missing out on until, quite by chance, I had the opportunity to try out a rainfall shower head. I say by chance because the shower head was inherited from the previous owner when I bought my house. It was so beautiful to look at that I decided to keep it when I redecorated the bathroom – which was pretty sharpish considering that it was a not-so-interesting shade of beige.


Although I already loved the look, the moment that I first really fell in love with my rainfall shower head was when I turned it on and heard it tinkle into action. The water takes a few seconds to flow into and drip through the head, which gives the otherwise inanimate object a certain character that you wouldn’t get from a more contemporary design, it almost greets you like an old friend.


The second (and most important) thing to love about this style of shower head is the gentle fall of water that envelops you like a warm blanket. There’s no having to shuffle around to warm your back whilst your front gets cold, and it won’t mist you in the face like a more powerful jet might. The experience is so totally and utterly comfortable it’s hard not to take it for granted. The other thing I should probably mention is the price. As I said, mine was free but I wouldn’t hesitate to spend the £52.08* it would take to buy a new one in the event that I moved house. What a bargain!

Now that the rainfall shower head is my shower type of choice I couldn’t go back. And, whilst I’ll encourage you to try the experience at least once, I do understand that as individuals, we may have very different showering requirements. If your main priority is the daily showering-off of your child with a flexible hose, for example, this is definitely not the shower for you. For more options, you can view our full shower head range.

If I’ve convinced you that rainfall is the way to go, you can view our Traditional Style Round Shower Head here and other rainfall shower head styles here.


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*Price correct at time of writing. Prices subject to change.