The sunshine came…and went, the party season started with a surprisingly mud-free bang, one film seemed to dominate our newsfeeds and of course, the world went tennis mad. July was the start to a summer of fun for families and sun lovers nationwide, and we found ourselves taking interior inspiration from these moments in particular.

Wimbledon Whites:

Passing the time swooning over crisp, white tennis outfits and enjoying the “spot the immaculately dressed A-lister” game has continued our passion for the colour that’s already taken hold of the fashion world - and we were left itching to incorporate it into the home. A colour that ranges in shades from fingerprint-hiding vintage whites, to blue or peach-tinted tones and classic striking white, it leaves your options open and is surprisingly versatile for busy families.

  • White and cotton go hand in hand, and as the temperature starts to rise it’s perhaps the time to invest in a soft snowdrop-white cotton throw for when dusk creeps up and you’re happy to stay snuggled in a garden corner. A textured white cushion cover looks great too.
  • Summer is the perfect time of the year to paint. The days are longer, the air is warmer and opening all the doors and windows without a gush of freezing cold wind or rain is actually an option. Refresh bathroom tiles with a lick of white paint, find a white feature wall in a colourful room, or simply paint a dull table white and inject it with a new lease of life.

“Invest in furnishings that add a refreshing splash of white, yet needn’t be a permanent solution. A set of creamy white dining chairs will instantly brighten up a room, and if you opt for modern materials such as plastic or painted metals, they will add a contemporary touch and cleverly wipe clean.”  


Jurassic Inspiration: 

Remember the original Jurassic Park? Well, it seemed to turn 360 degrees as we were treated to a spectacular display thanks to Spielberg and the mighty effects team from Jurassic World. Perhaps you were dragged by excitable children, or an adult. Perhaps, as you watched on, your childhood adoration of dinosaurs was re-ignited. It can be easily taken into the home for a playful touch which you and friends will love, but your children will love more. 

  • Give the little one’s bedroom a treat by adding bold, dinosaur foot prints over a wall for a statement look that will create the perfect play space. Use a deep grey over a white wall if you want to maintain a contemporary look throughout the home, or go for a bright palette of contrasting tones to add a pop of colour.
  • Add a splash of Jurassic green into the home with some leafy shade soft furnishings. Play around with snake-skin textures and leather for a sumptuous look or add a palm-print fabric for an on-trend approach

    A Summer Festival Feeling:

    For once, Glastonbury wasn’t all about rain and deceptively deep mud pools. A touch of sunshine heated up the festival weekend and allowed festival-goers to pull out their best bohemian looks and summery accessories.

    • Bring the festival look into the home without it having to be a permanent solution - perfect for switching up with the changing seasons. Invest in soft furnishings in shades of burnt orange, sunset reds and golden yellow tones to re-create that festival sun-down look.
    • Inject a musical tone and make the most of those unused CD’s or records by framing them in a deep box frame and using glue or blue-tack to keep them in place.

      “Instantly add a festival touch to summer garden and dinner parties by laying tables with flowers and off-cuts in wine glasses, empty jars and cups to create the perfect D.I.Y festival vibe”