Puffing and panting, you might find yourself collapsed on a sofa or unwilling to move from your spot on the floor, hallucinating about the next glass of fizz and a chocolate bar. Exercise does it to the best of us. As summer joins us in full force, perhaps you’re in the final steps of a beach-ready diet and exercise plan, or attempting a last minute ditch-the-five-pounds-that-won’t-budge plan. Either way, after an hour or so of sweating it out in an exercise class the shower will be beckoning.

But here’s the big question: What’s the best post work-out shower for you? 

As you may already know, the feeling of a reviving shower on sore, weary muscles can feel like sheer bliss, transforming you from an aching jelly-like wreck to a fitness god. Yet finding your perfect partner amongst the vast options of shower types can be a struggle. It’s time to forget the stagnant trickle that may come out of your shower at home, and instead, treat your muscles to a showerhead that’s completely suited to you.

Take our quiz to find out your post-workout shower type.


Find more showerheads for your shower type here. 

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