The bathroom should be a relaxation space, there for precious you time. However, when faced with pre-painted beige walls and a linoleum floor you wouldn’t have bought yourself, it can sometimes feel hard to escape from the clutches of rented décor choices and create your own world. Follow our 5-step guide to transform your rented bathroom from being a remnant of someone else’s past into a space that showcases you

1. It’s all in the details

Simply put, the little details are a platform for your personality.

  • Find a ledge: It may be a shallow space, a sun soaked windowsill, or the edge of your bath tub, but even the smallest area can be a place to perch individual details on. We love showcasing a collection of seaside finds and holiday mementos on a narrow sill, that contrast with a wall colour.
  • Find a product that can work for you: Make your furnishings multi-task by filling dainty glass bottles or jars with your potions and lotions. Rather than taking up unnecessary counter top space, they can be within easy reaching distance and look great.
  • Go sheer when faced with a small space: Even in a small space, a personal touch can freshen up a look. Rather than choosing opaque furnishings, opt for semi-transparent glass bottles in shades of pastel blue or jade greens to reflect your own style without making a space look cramped.

 2. Showcase a green finger

With its humidity, light and warm air, the bathroom is a perfect place for creating an environment in which plants can thrive. For the windowless space, faux succulents and cacti will also look great. This way, you can get your floral fix even if you don’t have a garden.

  • Go big: A tall, leafy plant will emphasise the space that you do have, and make a room look larger, even in a small bathing space. We adore a Corn Plant or Yellow Butterfly Palm placed in the corner or by the bath tub for a bold look.
  • No window? Then cheat: Fill a trough or elongated plant pot with leafy greens and delicate faux flowers. Clever shower baskets and wire shelves can be attached via suction rather than more invasive answers, meaning that you can simply remove them when needed. No one will know if you fake it.
  • A smell that will distract: As well as being a great source of O2 and filtering air, plants can be delightfully fragrant. Selecting the right one can give your bathroom a beautiful scent that will help to mask unwanted smells. A glass vase filled with fragrant flowers is also a beautiful touch. We love using sweet peas, lilies and pastel pink roses for a whimsical touch.

3.  Add a luxurious touch

Even in the smallest bathing space a sense of spa-like luxury can be created without you having to make any permanent changes.

  • Opt for ornate: Intricate detailing in organic tones will instantly add a lavish tone to a bathing space. Find exotic carved frames and dishes in bamboo, mahogany and rich woods to display personal keepsakes in. We adore the complex, arched styles of Middle-Eastern and Moroccan furnishing.
  • Showcase your taste: Frame a favourite picture and prop it against a shelf, deep ledge or raised partition to add a stunning statement that emphasises you (blue or white tack can be used underneath the frame to keep in place). We think the bigger, the better.
  • Multitask in spa-like style: A wicker basket, wooden tray or a rich walnut finished standing cabinet adds an instant flair of spa-like luxury, but cleverly doubles as valuable additional space for your towels and bathroom extras.

4.  Get creative with unused space

Hanging things on the walls are a no-no, but what about the floor? A space that’s often overlooked, you can instantly freshen up a bathroom by creating vertical displays and storage solutions. And when pushed for space, there’s always an alternative.

  • It’s more than just a bathtub: Find some valuable extra space with a bath rack. An adjustable bath rack in a striking chrome finish will add a modern twist on a traditional style, as well as look great when filled with candles and pretty soaps.
  • Use the upper third: Make the most of a room by using vertical space. Hang dried flowers and decorative storage solutions from shower curtain poles or from the window to make a smaller space look less cluttered. It will also bring the eye towards the top of a room, where more light makes a space look bigger.
  • Floor space means more space: A tall set of drawers gives you additional storage space to de-clutter a small bathroom and hide items you’d rather keep hidden. We love placing a large, leafy plant on top of our Hudson Reed Horizon Tall Storage Cabinet.

5. Play with light

Light can come in many forms, each one making a bathing space look bigger, fresher and brighter.

  • A candle’s not just for night. Candles are a great source of romantic, soft light, which helps to create a soothing atmosphere when bathing. They also look great in daylight and create a feeling of calm even when unlit. Opt for a trio of different sized candles clustered together in shades of buttermilk and linen white for a clean look.
  • The bigger the better. When used right, oversized furnishings can open up a space. As a rule of thumb, keep shapes curved and rounded for a softer look. We love an oversized circular light fitting or three wick candle placed on a shelve to soften an angular bathroom and emphasise light.
  • Colour fit for a Queen. Metallic shades are a great way to emphasise light and can be used sparingly for a subtle, yet luxurious touch. Jewelled tones of gold, silver and metallic greys give an air of opulence, whilst patent whites add a crisp, modern look. A patent white shower curtain will reflect natural and artificial light to create a sense of space.

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