After pining for some sunshine and preparing for much needed time out, the summer holidays have given us all the T.L.C weve been craving and a chance to catch up with family, or perhaps be a little selfish and treat ourselves to some me time. We spoke to four people from Matalan Directs HQ, to see what colours inspired them during this summer holiday, and how you can incorporate your own inspired ideas into the home.

Find calm from organic hues

  • Summer doesnt always mean bold and bright. Add a sense of calm to a space by finding colours which remind you of water- perhaps a deep turquoise, pale blue or a more grey tone and turn a busy space into a soothing one.
  • Green instantly makes a space seem fresher, with the ability to take you back to memories of lush fields to a tropical forest. Paint accents or one wall in a room rather than the whole space, to recreate a sense of summertime calm.

It was a breath-taking sea of luscious greenery, a water wonderland of cascading waterfalls and never ending series of rocky outcrops and towering cliffs. These are the pictures I paint in my mind when I think back to my visit to Plitvice National Park in Croatia. - Jen, Matalan Direct Copywriter

Add a bright accent in a neutral space

  • Accent a room with vases in bold Moroccan blues or tropical green for a fun, yet classic touch that will create a throw back to summertime memories.
  • Grey is a great neutral and if you’ve created a grey wall or details, contrast the colour with a touch of shocking pink or electric yellow to keep your space bright.

“Sandsend is a small village just outside of Whitby, with clear views of the historic Whitby Abbey.  It’s great for families and when the tide is out there’s a beautiful sandy beach. My little girl Norah loved running up to the waves as they came in, proving the traditional British seaside holiday is still alive and well.” - Beckie, Matalan Direct Homeware Buyer

Istanbul is the most colourful place I know. From the pastel shades of the buildings to the bright blues of the tiles its a vibrant and eclectic mix of colour that feels brighter and more alive than any other city Ive been to.” - Vicky, Matalan Direct Head of Content

Opt for muted Mediterranean tones

  • Mediterranean blues, greens and terracotta have recently taken the interior world by storm. However, if the idea of smothering a wall in vivid blue is too much, then find a lighter shade in the colour spectrum. We say go three to five shades lighter for a more unobtrusive look.
  • Use porcelain and tiles to add texture to a room and create a truly Mediterranean look. We suggest finding traditional Spanish or Sicilian tiles on holiday to bring home and prop against a ledge or shelf, to add character to a space.


    This picture really takes me back to Spain. Right away I can hear the crickets chirping and the hot, humid smell which you only seem to get abroad. The landscape was such a mix of vibrant colours and muted sandy colours. I think I need to go back! - Sarah, Executive Assistant to the CEO of Matalan Direct

    Sarah’s son, Joshua says It was sunny and beautiful, I loved my family being there and relaxing in the pool. 

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