Bath time: the dreaded words our little ones hate to hear. Luring our youngsters into the bath can be an uphill struggle, often descending into complete and utter chaos. With summer in full swing and baths on the uprise, here are a bubble load of ideas to wash away those tantrums and make kids bath time more appealing.

1. Stock up on fruity shampoos

Make sure that you get the essentials right first off. Get stocked up on fruity shampoos, fun shaped body wash and most importantly, don’t forget the bubble bath. 

2. Play fishing for letters

Fill the bath up, drop in a few magnet letters then sit back and watch your wee one fish for their treasure.

3. Create a bath glow

Grab a few glow sticks and lay them in the bath. Flip the light switch off and soak up the glowing atmosphere. Alternatively, if you can source a blacklight, you could fill up a few balloons up with tonic water - they will do the job just as well and provide endless fun!

4. Throw a bath time puppet show

Gather a few puppets together and act out your little one’s favourite stories. You can craft your own by sewing some old flannels together.

5. Create a themed bath

Turn your bath into a watery wonderland. Gather together props to recreate your little one’s favourite fantasy – whether that’s plastic coins for a pirate bay or stars and a wand for a magic kingdom.

6. Make ice cube surprises 

Take some small toy animals and place them in an ice cube mould over night. Drop them in the bath and watch your youngster's face light up as they watch the cubes melt and the animals emerge.

7. Play sink or float

Rummage around the house for household items that can be repurposed as bath time toys. Look for soft sponges, utensils and old bottles then let your kids play the guessing game of whether the objects will sink or float.

8. Play music or a story book

For an extra dose of fun, blast out some of your little one’s favourite songs in the background or play one of their favourite story books.

9. Give their hair a makeover

When you're shampooing your child's hair, sculpt it into different shapes then let them view your transformation in a hand-held mirror.

10. Freshen up the toy selection

Find a new stash of toy goodies and reserve them for bath time only.

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