As summer draws to a close, we’re left with a lingering afterthought of those sunny days and the chance to finally take a break. Even though it’s already nearly over, we’ve been working on finding ways to bring the best of summer into the home, for a timeless look that will stay in fashion far longer than the season decides to stay.

Mediterranean hues

Matalan Set of 2 Water Hyacinth Trunks- £60

Always a favourite place to escape to during the summer holidays, when it comes to the Mediterranean, vibrant shades of cyan and deep blue are often found paired against fresh whites, whilst deep terracotta and sandy brown shades tend to be clustered together. Accessorise a space with warm, earthy tones and look for wicker baskets, terracotta pots and dried palm leaf furnishings to add an overseas touch. If you’re ready to make a statement without any fuss, accent a minimal wall with bold cyan blue soft furnishings and accessories that emulate Moroccan tiles.

Citrus Inspiration

Matalan Egyptian Cotton Towels- From £2

What’s better on a sunny day than an ice cool glass of fresh cloudy lemonade? Brighten up a dull room all year round with a touch of sunshine. A toned down, cloudy yellow looks great against a stone grey wall for the cooler months, whilst more red and orange based tones work well with a room that’s lacking in natural light. Use soft furnishings to instantly brighten a space without having to commit.

It's picking season!

Design Wall Mounted Cupboard- £116.56

As summer draws to a close, the year’s raspberries, blackberries, bilberries and wild strawberries are ready to be picked- not only delicious, but stunning in colour. From the deepened shades of warm reds and purples found from a fresh berry to the charming shades of faded pink stains, berry colours look great all year round. Find the right shade of berry red for you, and add it to the bathroom for a playful twist that stands out from the norm.

Time out

The Hudson Reed Rectangular Fixed Shower Head With Waterfall- £192.28

Summer usually gives busy lifestyles the chance to pause and for once, find some time to relax- no matter how short that time may be. A tranquil colour spectrum of sea foam greens, soft greys and placid blues instantly add a sense of calm to a room and look wonderful when used in soft furnishings. Invest in a soothing waterfall or rainfall shower head, and find a chance to take the time out to relax, every day.