If someone you didn’t know stepped foot into your home, would they be able to guess what kind of person you are? If you answered no, maybe now’s the time to add your own personal stamp on your décor – and what better place than in the bedroom. Before you throw on your painting gear, find out which décor style best suits your personality.

Hopeless romantic

Bursting with enthusiasm, you have a truly positive outlook on life. You’re extremely family orientated and value friendship highly. You fall for anything pretty and floral and your wardrobe is brimming with feminine dresses. You almost always co-ordinate your nail polish with your outfit. You're a sentimental dreamer who loves holding onto personal keepsakes. What others may find cliché or cheesy, you find sweet and romantic.  

Décor tips: Let your girly personality shine through. Turn old memoirs into artistic masterpieces – honour your wedding date with customised cushions and frame mementos from your favourite holiday. Opt for soothing shades such as off whites and chalky yellows. Seduce the senses with delicate floral prints and light up an enchanting atmosphere with draped curtains and a glamorous chandelier. Look for a bed that will create a strong romantic presence – something with a tall, velvet headboard like the Ely Chesterfield Bed would fit the bill perfectly.

Country bumpkin

You’re a big fan of the great outdoors and you’re certainly not afraid to get your hands dirty. Your idea of a perfect weekend is going on long scenic walks and cooking delicious homemade meals for all of the family. You love nothing more than to curl up in bed with a cup of tea and a plate of toast in hand.

Décor tips: Opt for a colour scheme that reflects your rural roots - a palette of grass greens and pastel pinks will do just the trick. An oatmeal coloured bed frame such as the Maisie Bed would make a great centrepiece in a country themed setting. Accessorise with floral bed sheets, dainty photo frames and a rustic lampshade for a homemade feel. Scatter a cluster of cushions over the bed for extra softness.

Party animal

You’re the life and soul of the party. Loud, fun and outgoing, you’re not afraid to air your opinions. Your friendship circle is forever expanding and your diary is constantly booked up. You love wearing a mishmash of colours and patterns - whatever you throw on looks good. Your bedroom is your main chill out area for unwinding after a hard day at work.

Décor tips: Showcase your imaginative style by marrying the old with the new. Create a layered living space by combining modern furniture with retro pieces. Weave vibrant colours into your theme to brighten up the mood and drop in some patterns with a statement wall. Throw in a few playful cushions to bring your light-hearted personality to the forefront and don’t be afraid to make a statement. A bold bed frame such as the Isabella Fabric Bed in duck egg blue would complement a fun and quirky setting nicely.

Culture vulture

You enjoy the finer things in life. Visiting the theatre, dining out at swanky restaurants and wandering around art exhibitions are your kind of thing. You love to cook up a storm in the kitchen - with top-notch ingredients of course. Getting a good night’s kip is extremely important; your bedroom is your sanctuary and sleeping in comfort and luxury is your number one priority.

Décor tips: Keep it plain and simple with neutral coloured walls. Focus on statement pieces – a plush wooden bed frame such as the Nantucket Bed would make a great focal point, as would a cushioned stool. Top it all off with a mid-century patterned rug for a sprinkle of charm.

Making your bedroom shine with personality is all about adding the personal touches – you might have the same house layout as your next door neighbour, but it’s what you do with the space that makes it your own.