Create a cool and calming bathing environment with an understated bathroom that’s clean-cut and minimal. A watery grey background creates the perfect backdrop for pure white furniture and retro brick tiles. Accentuate the size of the room with space-saving pieces to trick the eye into thinking that the room is much bigger than it actually is. 

1. Make the most of every spare nook and cranny with an L shaped shower bath which has been designed to fit neatly in the corner - perfect for those awkward gaps that need filling. 

2. Add a touch of grandeur to your bathing space with a rainfall style shower head. Along with its sleek design, the gentle patter of naturally falling water droplets will leave your skin feeling well and truly pampered.

3. A polished silver towel rail will blend in seamlessly with the contemporary setting. Install the rail on the wall against the bath to keep your towels warm, toasty and within arm’s reach.

4. Unlike a conventional toilet that’s anchored to the floor, a wall hung toilet is, like it says, hung to the wall, so it's the perfect kind of toilet for maximising on space. Its design also conceals water outlets and other features of a toilet that make it stick out.

5. Keep your toiletries organised with a wall mounted sink cabinet. Besides banishing clutter, it will free up room underneath, giving the illusion of more space.


6. A slender mirrored cabinet will bounce light around the room as well as cleverly concealing those unsightly toiletries you want to keep behind closed doors. 

7. Whilst the bare bones of this theme remains minimal, there's still room to shake things up with the finishing touches. Add plants, candles or whatever accessories you think sum up your style for a personal touch. A small table will double up as the perfect mantelpiece for showcasing your favourite knick-knacks.

8. Last but not least, add a framed painting to round off the look.

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