Summers over. There, I said it.

However, it neednt be all doom and gloom. As the days become shorter and the temperature dips, lets embrace the positives. That wonderful feeling of wrapping up in cozy layers, staying snug by a crackling fire, and the stunning beauty that comes with this season change. With this in mind, we take a look at our readers Autumn experiences, and how they can be incorporated into the home.

Whenever I go to my local park in Autumn I always seem to take forever, frequently being sidetracked by the beautiful colours of fallen leavesAmy, Newcastle. 

Even though it may be the norm to opt for darker tones this season, its ok to still want to have something bright in your home. An autumnal colour palette tends to lean towards the burnt oranges, deep, organic reds, and browns that are full of warmth. A splash of fresh green can look beautiful when incorporated, transitioning a home from Summer to Autumn beautifully.

  • Play with soft furnishings and add a frosted green cushion or two to a set of darker, autumnal coloured covers.
  • Place garden off-cuts in small glasses or whisky tumblers for a fresh, chic look that follows the season as it changes.

Join the coffee club

My local coffee shop is my life, especially through Autumn and Winter when I can barely get up on a morningGareth, Milton Keynes

Those darkened mornings mean grabbing a cup of fresh coffee to keep you on your toes, and perhaps more than often, youll be stood in the daily queue of your favourite coffee haunt. Moody hues and coffee-shop ambience look perfect in the home, bringing a wonderfully stylish look to autumn.

  • Take note from your local coffee shop, or perhaps the artistic Barista and invest in some coffee shop inspired artwork for a sophisticated but fun twist in the home.
  • Update your dining room with a statement table in a rich, textured wood. Opting for metal legs adds a striking, industrial twist. For a modern look, forget the table cloth and let the wood do the talking.

Embrace the night

I looked out of my flat window and saw this. It was slightly sinister but at the same time, so beautiful.Emily, Manchester

As evenings get darker and longer, deeper tones start to take hold. Rather than let them get you down, embrace it. Twilight and the night time offer wonderfully sophisticated hues, which can be brought into the home for a sumptuous and elegant look throughout this season.

  • Accentuate a space by simply adding floor length curtains in a sumptuous, weighty fabric. By choosing one tone of rich indigo or jet black, you will instantly add luxury whilst providing a clever way to keep it dark throughout the night.
  • Blue is a colour hot on the interior trend for 2016. Pick a beautiful shade of deep sapphire or ink blue and paint one wall, or accents against pale grey for a look that will reflect the night as well as be on-trend.

Take note from the sky

This was a glorious September day last year in Richmond park. It was surprisingly cold, but when I looked up, it was worth it.Anne and her Dachshund Jack, London

September can be the perfect month to witness a long, beautiful sunset. As the temperature cools, sunsets tend to last for longer as well as offering a deeper, richer palette. Create a sense of romance and escapism in your home with a dreamy palette of dusty purples, faded oranges and creamy yellows.

  • Darker, richer colours look great and can be easily incorporated to transform a room without having to make any major alterations. Paint an old table or chairs in a striking shade of aubergine or oxblood to add a depth of colour.
  • Soften a space with delicate, flowing fabrics in muted shades of dusky pink, oxblood and faded gold for a touch of luxury, without the pretence.

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