Its Oxford Dictionary definition is “a room to sleep in”, but contrary to this simplistic description, the bedroom has always been and always will be a pivotal space in the home.

In the past, unless you were royalty or the wealthy minority, the bedroom was simply a place to rest in after a hard day’s labour. It held no other purpose than being a space in which to kip, regenerate and dress for the next day. And fortunately, for most modern families, a fifteen-hour day, slogging it in the mill is no longer an option (hallelujah!). So surely, the bedroom is now more than just a room to sleep in?

A place in which to be creative, learn and grow:

To a child, it’s a place to learn, play and grow - what was once a limited sleep space has now become an important area in their development. To a teenager, it’s a place to express individuality and flourish in. To adults, it’s a place to rest after a hard day’s work - providing a blissful escape from a hectic day and the stresses of everyday life. And to the family pet, it’s another excuse to lie down.

If you’d like a creative space for a growing child:

Think outside of the box. What may be a bed to you, could be a ship to your little one. Pick furnishings that can offer more than just a bedroom purpose. Find a blanket box that may double as a treasure chest, soft furnishings with whimsical patterns, and colours that let the imagination run wild. A study bunk bed gives valuable extra space, and can provide the perfect place for a friend to sleepover, or a bedroom fort to be made.

A multifunctional space that’s not just for sleep:Of course, sleep is still the main priority in the bedroom. It’s a place to lay down weary heads, often after tucking little ones in. However, this has fast become one of a long list of the modern family bedroom’s functions. The bedroom is now embraced as a multi-tasking space that not only offers us a place to sleep, but gives us quiet private time, showcases our personalities, allows us to be creative, and gives us functional storage space.

If you’re looking for a space to do more in:

Opt for furniture that can do more than you’d expect. A bed with an integrated TV and sound system means no more bulky TV’s clogging up your space, and will make movie night truly special. You’re a person who’s always on the go, and who wants to keep occupied all the time. If it’s not reading, working out, music or art, you’ll be inventive and find something to do.

A place to be you in, whatever the size:

Unfortunately, finding the right bed can be an ordeal, with the surge of smaller homes and apartments offering bedrooms that vary in size but are often tiny. Today’s studio apartments may even have a bed placed in the heart of a living space. When faced with a box room and a growing child, or a studio and a busy couple, picking the perfect bedstead is no easy feat. Yet, it has the ability to impact your life and ensure that you get a peaceful night’s sleep and bright day ahead.

If you’re struggling for space:

Invest in a bed that can give you more for your money. An ottoman bed will give you some valuable extra space, yet keep a room looking neat. Be playful with creative light sources and texture by using an alternative to the typical bedside light or ceiling lamp. A string of lights will instantly make a room seem bigger, brighter and more interesting. Just because your home may be small, doesn’t mean you can’t be inventive with your decor.

So, whether you’re a family of two, three and a dog, four or more, the bedroom is no longer just a space to store a piece of practical furniture. It’s an expression of comfort, an extension of your family's personality and a room to complement the home or pull together a décor theme. The bedroom is a fort, a fairy tale castle full of unicorns and pixies, and a place to spark the imagination. It’s a space to sulk, daydream and slam doors in. It’s a place to relax in, catch up on the latest episode of Eastenders, or simply read and escape.

The modern bedroom is many things, and although it’s the bed that essentially makes a room a bedroom…it is definitely more than just “a room to sleep in”. 

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