Décor aside, creating the right fragrance for you and your family’s bathroom (excluding an overbearing smell of cleaning products) is one of the most important, yet overlooked, factors in a bathing space. And unknown to many, fragrance can more often than not be the perfect finishing touch to a beautiful new suite. We tend to find that when searching for the right scent for a bathroom, the majority of people look at addressing two needs: either to create a soothing and calming bathing space, or one that can invigorate and refresh.

With this in mind, we’ve taken a look at fragrances to comfort as well as fragrances to energize, and deconstruct them, showing you just how easily you can update your own bathroom whilst keeping the whole family happy. So, whether you decide to opt for candles, room mist, reed diffusers or a completely different approach, find inspiration for your perfect bathroom smell, right here.

A Soothing Smell

Those who tend to pick a bath rather than shower, often seek a bathroom that will calm and soothe the soul - perfect for unwinding in and escaping from a draining day. A soothing smell needn’t be limited however, it can suit a variety of lifestyles, styles and even the wildest wee ones.

Light a candle around 10-20 minutes before children enter the bathroom to give your chosen scent enough time to diffuse.

Perfect for little ones, gentle tones of camomile, rose and the proven sleep-aid lavender are the ultimate bedtime weapon not only for calming them before sleep, but for giving you a chance to unwind too. Pair with an oat based bubble bath for total skin-soothing comfort.

When it comes to you time musky, heady notes of lily, jasmine, wild rose and French lavender create a sophisticated yet sumptuous atmosphere, perfect for escaping to and relaxing after a busy day. Find fragrances with peppery undertones of orange, cinnamon and sandalwood to add some much needed warmth on a cold day.

Great for décor that tends to lean towards lighter and more neutral tones, soothing scents pair well with pearl whites, pastels, buttermilk and powder blue shades. 

Refresh your senses

When you’d much rather take a shower - perhaps even to the point that you no longer have a bathtub, you may be looking for fragrances that will invigorate and refresh you. A great solution to getting the family up and raring to go, stimulating fragrances are the perfect option for busy lifestyles, and also work wonderfully after exercise. Opt for a statement oil diffuser that not only looks great, but will disperse an invigorating scent in your bathroom all year round, and will even smell wonderful whilst you shower.

Perfect for little ones, invigorating tones of mint, apple blossom and sour raspberry will wake them up and give them a revitalising start to the day ahead. Peppermint also happens to be great at masking unwanted odours, making it a clever addition to busy bathrooms.

When it comes to you time playful, light scents of orange blossom (proven to give a feeling of happiness), vanilla and sugary violet will give you a much needed pick-me-up after a long day at work. For added luxury, seek out fragrances which include tropical lychee, honey or lotus flower for a truly grown-up twist.

Great for décor that tends to lean towards the deeper and more vibrant shades, invigorating scents work best when paired with slate grey, emeralds, royal blue and rich, statement colours.

Find the perfect bath or shower and embrace fragrance in the bathroom, in style.