A place to learn, play, grow and lay a weary head down to rest, the bedroom is one of the most important places for a child. Perhaps you remember building grand (or in my case, delightfully disorganised) forts, to sneak under and explore, indoor picnics with crustless sandwiches and escaping to wonderful worlds, all of course, with a favourite book in hand?

And of course, you’ll all remember the beloved bed time story.

Tucking little one’s into bed may be the favourite time of day for parents and children alike, so making sure that it’s a nurturing, interesting environment for them to explore, sleep and let their imaginations run wild in is key. Luckily, a stylish, fun, favourite book inspired children’s bedroom is easy to achieve, no matter what size, and it needn’t cost a fortune.

A stodgy parent is no fun at all. What a child wants and deserves is a parent who is SPARKY” - Danny Champion of the world, by Roald Dahl.

Cue Matalan Direct HQ – who have rummaged through piles of childhood books and their little one’s favourite tales to bring beautiful details of the past into a children’s bedroom. And, if you’re a lover of a playful twist, it’s the perfect way to create a children’s space that looks great in your home.

Head of Earned Media, Lauren’s favourite childhood book was The Tiger Who Came to Tea.

 “I liked the fact the tiger ate all the food (very funny when you’re little), and drank all the water out of the taps so that the little girl couldn’t have her bath” 

Bright, cheery and an explosion of audacious colour, The Tiger Who Came to Tea is a perfect bedtime story for a little one who likes to be bold.

Bring it into the bedroom by being as brave as you dare.

Paint their wall a shade of deep orange, frame a large tiger illustration and place some oversized, leafy plants (real, or fake) just out of reach for an impromptu jungle. If you want to keep things simpler, find the right furniture to create a space perfect for tea parties, and for when a tiger comes to tea.

Writer, Jen’s favourite childhood book was Enid Blyton’s The Enchanted Wood.

“It was one of my absolute childhood favourites. Joe, Bessie and Fannie’s tale would take my mind on a mesmerising trip to a magical land where anything could happen!”

A charming tale rich with intricate detail, dreamy description and washes of delicate colour, The Enchanted Wood will take a little one into a beautiful new world. Perfect for those youngsters who love to daydream, embrace the fairytale and inject a faraway tone into the bedroom.

Bring it into the bedroom by opting for quaint, yet quirky pieces and pretty whimsical tones.

A powder blue, faded red or dusty pink wall looks wonderful when paired with silk-like curtains, floaty fabrics and sheer details. Add mushroom or lily pad wall stencils for a fairy tale, forest-like touch and a wicker basket for spontaneous indoor picnics.

COO Andy and his son, Jack’s favourite Book is Goodnight Digger.

“His favourite book is 'Goodnight Digger' which we got him because we’re currently living in a building site. As a result, he’s now had his bedroom decorated with digger wallpaper and a hard hat lampshade! It’s a rhyming book, and when he gets to the pages where it says 'Goodnight Digger' he shouts it out without any prompting. Reading it is our time. No work distractions, no hassle, no stress - just us and our little boy in a happy little place!”

Fun for parents and little ones alike, Goodnight Digger is a burst of cute yet detailed illustration, rhyme and of course - diggers. It’s the perfect bedtime story for a little one who likes to have their say.

Bring it into the bedroom by playing with print.

Copy Jack’s bedroom and source a wonderful wallpaper that will give little ones something to count when it’s time to sleep, as well as a reason to get excited about snuggling up in bed. Pump up the adorable factor with a pair of matching pyjamas.

Create the right bedtime story space for your little one’s bedroom with our range of children’s beds.