You don’t have to travel to far-flung destinations to experience unusual decor, bring the world’s best interiors to your doorstep with these modish bedroom ideas, inspired by your most coveted holiday destinations.


Luxurious silks and intricate patterns epitomise Moroccan style. Vivid reds and oranges combined with geometric prints will transport you on a far away journey to a hot climate. A staple in Moroccan architecture, arch shaped furniture will give the room North African influence. Statement pieces such as a curved wooden divider screen and an ornate throne will provide your guests with some serious eye candy.



Mexico’s authentic culture is reflected in its alluring décor style, characterised by a vibrant colour palette and earthy textures. Give your bedroom a south-of-the-border makeover with ceramic tiled flooring and Mexican printed bedding. For a true hacienda vibe, add some Mexican folk art into the mix.

New York

Create a rough and ready sleeping zone with a New York inspired bedroom. Channel the notorious industrial vibe that's found in the Big Apple with exposed pipes and textured brickwork. A geometric rug will add a lively, rhythmic quality whilst a wooden bedstead will induce a retro feel.


If we could sum Japan décor up in one word it would be Zen. Peaceful, simplistic and clean surrounds the designs of Japanese culture. Renowned for minimal bedroom furniture, a woven rush mat, fitted cupboards and a low bed frame will do the job nicely. Splashes of neutral, natural colours will lend a feeling of openness.


As one of the most beautiful places in the world, a Southeast Asian theme is the ultimate way to beautify your sleeping space. Awash with luscious landscapes, breath-taking beaches and Buddhist temples, Thailand is a busy collage of animated scenes. Mimic these dreamy sights with white sandy tones and calming wooden influences. Soft, draped netting hanging above a timber bed frame will create a soothing ambience.

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