Candied hues have been a fashion staple for years, trickling into the interior design world with summery shades of Parma Violet lilac and Sherbet Lemon yellow, or lollipop bright oranges and pinks. It’s time to forget the vivid, artificial shades that you’d find in a pick n’ mix aisle and look for something a little more natural and subdued. We say, Ice cream.

With guilt inducing sweetness and softer, creamy shades which vary from light to dark, it’s almost impossible to dislike the nostalgia found from a good ice cream. And we think that dressing windows with a blind in an ice cream hue is the perfect way to create a playful pop of sunshine in your home.  

With this in mind, we began a hunt to find the perfect ice cream company who could inspire us with a range of enticing colours and delicious flavours.

Meet Northern Bloc. A Leeds based ice cream company founded by foodie and farm lover Josh. Harnessing the power of Italian Ice Cream master Manolo and the creative mind of PR guru Liena, they create a truly unique ice cream experience.

We took a trip to their 1972 Bedford ice cream van and spoke to Director Josh and Head of Marketing Liena, to find out how they use colour in their creations, and how well our sugary shades of blinds matched up.

1. What was your first ice cream memory?

Liena: I made a wish to my parents that I wanted to be an ice cream (meaning that I wanted to be an ice cream man!) when I was three.

2. Are there any flavours which you would love to incorporate into an ice cream, but haven’t quite got there yet?

Josh: We’ve been working on an alcoholic range. Drinks are really innovative; cocktails are really innovative, so we thought, why not make the (kind of) frozen version of that? And, who doesn’t like a drink?

Roasted Strawberry ice cream with the Splash Blush Vertical Blind fabric

 3. What’s your ultimate ice cream flavour?

Josh: If I could make a really good savoury one that you could eat as almost like a main course, that would be really great. I quite like the savoury option. A bangers and mash ice cream! Either that or some really good boozy ones. A great Gin and Tonic ice cream on a hot summers day, or Pimms…

4. Where does colour come into your ice cream creations? 

Josh: Our packaging is clear, so that when you’re standing in front of the freezer, the idea is that you can see our ice cream. We’re not trying to hide anything. We’re not trying to say that we’ve added flavourings or colourings to try and make something look pink. I’ve grown up with ice cream that looks kind of fake - ours has fresh strawberries in it, so it’s going to look like the pink from real strawberries.

Vanilla ice cream with Splash Oyster Vertical Blind fabric. 

5. What was your first food memory where colour was the factor that stood out?

Josh: I grew up on a farm where we used to farm Brussel sprouts. So… it was Brussel sprout green! 

6. If you could paint your walls in one of your ice cream colours, which one would it be? 

Josh: Raspberry and Sorrel. You can’t beat that colour. It’s right out there. It’s just so bright and fresh. You can’t resist it.

 7. For those who are trying to make ice cream at home… what’s your top tip to avoid ruining white walls?

Josh: Make sure the lid of the blender’s on. Actually, no. Just get the walls covered in ice cream and eat it off them.

Blind fabric colours from left to right, clockwise: Polaris Wine, Splash Blush, Polaris Ochre, Rushweave Beige, Splash Chocolate, Polaris Beige, Splash Oyster.

Bring blind ice cream inspiration into your home:

After instantly falling in love with these delightful shades and flavours (Roasted Strawberry in a pastel rose hue anyone?) we started imagining their beautiful ice cream tones in our homes. A Yorkshire Parkin wall with a huge, framed picture. Accents of Chocolate and Sea Salt paired against powdered blue. Raspberry and sorrel soft furnishings against a snowdrop white. These stunning, organic tones could add a luxurious depth to any room and fit into any décor style. And what simpler way to add a touch of ice cream inspiration into the home than by adding a new blind?

Go neutral

Yorkshire Parkin ice cream teamed with Polaris Ochre Roller Blind fabric.

  • Add an off-white blind to a dull bathroom to freshen up a space, yet keep things simple and easy to clean.
  • Play with texture. Shades of buttermilk or pale caramel looks great in a fine weave blind, which will let in light to keep a space bright yet ensure privacy.
  • Be bold and pair rich, chocolate blinds with white walls for an organic take on the minimal trend.

Fresh fruit inspiration

Roasted Strawberry ice cream with the Splash Blush Vertical Blind fabric and Raspberry and Sorrel ice cream with the Polaris Wine Roller Blind fabric.

  • Add a touch of prettiness to a masculine space. Pastel strawberry pinks look beautiful when paired with light grey walls.
  • Choose a rich, sumptuous shade of raspberry or apple red to instantly make a room look more expensive.
  • Can’t choose one colour? Then go for three. Pairing two or three shades of the same colour spectrum look great when placed close by.

All about Josh



My favourite room in the house is… The kitchen. 

Bath or shower? Shower.

The best home investment I ever made is… A good knife set. I’ve just bought a house actually and I spend an absolute fortune on those things. Kitchen utensils especially. There’s nothing better than a garlic grinder that… grinds itself (laughs) 

If I weren’t the director of Northern Bloc I’d be... Maybe still a farmer… or have another business. I’ve always wanted to run my own business.

My most regrettable home colour decision is... The current colour of the bathroom that I’ve just painted, now looks absolutely shocking and I’m going to have to repaint this weekend. It’s a horrible turquoise colour. I don’t know what I was playing at…

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*The majority of our Splash vertical blinds are also available as roller blinds.