Looking after yourself is harder than it sounds. When you’ve got work, little ones or seem to be constantly running around, it can be too easy to get through an entire day without even having ten minutes to yourself. If the idea of half an hour of time to switch off and relax seems laughable, then it’s time to make a change.

Perhaps a surprising source of inspiration; many Buddhist temples tend to be saturated in vivid shades of reds, gold and greens. These colours are not only a bright and bold alternative to the more bland tones that are often associated with calm, but can be paired together to create a truly tranquil atmosphere. And as many temples show; serenity needn’t mean being uninteresting.

We take look at three key calming colours that could make an impact on your mood, and show you how they can be brought into any home.


Gold creates a wonderful sense of inner happiness. As a colour, it reminds you to look after yourself, treat yourself and stay optimistic. It’s a luxurious tone which shouldn’t be limited to anyone. In Buddhism it means wisdom, enlightenment and it portrays the power of the sun.

  • Accessorise with golden trinkets and small furnishings that create a wonderfully indulgent, yet soothing look. For an extra slice of serenity, rummage through vintage shops and markets to find beautiful golden Buddhist statues, trinkets and paintings.
  • Opt for lavish soft furnishings. A pair of striking gold curtains will instantly lift a space, as well as make you feel great.


The colour of love; red is energising. It excites the emotions and motivates us to take action, which is great for if you need a little help with your decision making.  In Buddhism it is synonymous with the preservation of our life force. It is the colour of powerful rituals, the colour of passion, wisdom and luck and is often used on meditative tools for this reason.

  • Introduce a splash of red to a white, minimal space for a striking look. Find an ornate stature or image and place it centre stage and accentuate it with sporadic, subtle hints of red throughout the room.
  • Play with light and opt for a red blind that will create a stunning glow when the sunlight hits. If you'd rather keep things simple, opt for a black or dim-out blind that will give a stunning block tone.
  • Paint one wall in one shade of a bright, bold red for a gorgeous look that oozes with impact. By painting the wall behind a sofa, you can lie down, relax and absorb the colour.


Green instantly creates a sanctuary away from the stresses of modern living, restoring us back to a sense of well being. It is an emotionally positive colour, giving us the ability to love and nurture ourselves and others. As the colour we relate to in nature, trees and plants, green is wonderful for creating a tranquil tone in any space. It's also thought to be the colour of action - perfect for when you need to focus on yourself and your life decisions.

  • Take a natural approach and fill a corner or windowsill with leafy, green plants varying in size. For a simpler approach, invest in an indoor Bonsai tree and place it in a jade-green clay pot to create a truly calming tone in a room.
  • A shaggy rug in a lovely shade of soft green will provide you with wonderful comfort, as well as a tranquil look. Lie down, count to 10 and relax.

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