Based in the heart of Huddersfield – a town with a historic reputation for quality textile production, is Excel, our blind supplier. We went on an exclusive factory tour to find out how the blinds are made from start to finish. Here’s a quick peek behind the scenes.

The blind making process is a clever combination of expert craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. Some machinery is used, but various parts of the blinds are hand assembled to ensure a high quality finish.

The blinds are built to specific measurements using a wide range of materials including aluminium, wood, viscose and many more in a full spectrum of colours and patterns.

We caught up with Excel's Production Manager, Kelly to find out a little more. 

“As the production manager, I overview the manufacture of all the blinds that come through our company. We strive to ensure that all blinds are made to the exact specification and to a quality that Excel have set as a standard across every range."

“Nearly all of our fabrics are laser cut to prevent them from fraying and to give the blinds a precise finish. On top of this, all blinds are checked and finished by hand to eradicate any faults and to give each blind that final personal touch.” 



My favourite room in the house would be... The kitchen, I love to cook and create.

Blinds or curtains... Blinds and any type depending on which room suits them.

The best home investment I ever made was... A mini slow cooker as I work early shifts and can put something in and have it ready for the teatime feed.

If I weren't the Production Manager at Excel I'd be... An actress touring the country, I always wanted to play the part of little orphan Annie (too old for that one now) I would need to learn the lines of a new character!

My most regrettable decorating decision is... When I decorated one of the bedrooms blue – this included a blue ceiling, carpets, walls, blinds...too many shades of blue all in one area!

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