The right colour can transform a bedroom, helping to create a calming, positive environment that reflects you and helps to give a good night’s sleep.

Factors including your personality, how you use the bedroom and your home’s décor should all influence decision making when choosing the right colour. And, even though a lick of paint isn’t going to cure all of your sleep problems, when paired with the right bed, mattress, bedding and bed time routine, it can have a big impact on your sleep.

“Avoid purple walls. Even though it’s a colour associated with calm, it has been proven to be one of the worst colour choices to aid sleep. Red tones on the other hand, are great for sleep”

“Blue and white lights have been proven to stimulate the brain and keep you awake for longer. Switch the phone off and sleep easy”

The bedroom tends to be a place in which people want to rest in and find some peace after a busy day. And with it now being used for far more than just sleeping, the right colour for your bedroom depends entirely on you.

So, rather than opt for a quick trend, find out which colour could help put you to rest at night as well as look gorgeous in a room. 

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