Green bedroom

You’re stuck in a conundrum: you dream of revelling in spaciousness, but there's not enough room to swing a cat in your box bedroom. It’s a tricky situation to find yourself in, but don’t fret, there are ways to get around it. We show you how to make your small bedroom seem larger than life with these room-expanding tips.

  1. Show off those legs. Choose a bed or arm chair that has raised legs, this way light can filter through the gaps. Elevated furniture also leaves room for storage space underneath.
  2. Forget spotlights. Lighting should be focused rather than saturated - place hanging lights strategically to illuminate your space.
  3. Replace dark-inducing drapes with blinds. Blinds tend to take up less window space than curtains and let more light in.
  4. Pull the bed away from the walls to create a feeling of openness. Try to leave an even amount of space on either side.
  5. Use some floating furniture. Space-expanding furniture such as a corner shelf or floating cabinet will leave airy floor space underneath.
  6. Throw some foldable furniture into the mix. A foldable chair or desk can be neatly stacked away when not in use.
  7. Opt for a multifunctional bed. For example, a storage bed or a day bed save on room by using the same foot print, for two separate functions.
  8. Use light-spreading colours. A neutral or pale colour palette will help to expand your space visually by carefully reflecting the light.
  9. Coordinate your knick knacks. Harmonising your accessories with your wall colour will make your space seem more streamlined.
  10. De-clutter constantly. Clutter is a small bedroom’s worst enemy - use the one year rule, if you’ve not used an item in over a year, throw it out.
  11. Install mirrors to bounce light around the room. It’s the oldest trick in the decorating book, but it sure works. Try to place them strategically, for example, above a chest of drawers or near a window.
  12. Buy furniture the same colour as your walls. A cohesive colour scheme will make for a seamless look - too many colours can make a space seem busy and confusing.
  13. Choose statement furniture. Selecting one or two larger pieces will have far more visual impact than small clusters of furniture.
  14. Use stripes to elongate the space. Horizontal stripes will visually widen a narrow bedroom.
  15. Paint the ceiling. Coating the ceiling the same colour as the walls helps to erase the shadow lines that visually define a space.
  16. Hang shelves near the ceiling. This will help to draw the eye upwards.
  17. Use statement art. A large piece of eye-catching wall art will help make your room feel more expansive
  18. Rearrange furniture. Sometimes it just takes a good old shift around to make a room look larger.
  19. Never block a walk way. It can be tempting to put furniture near the door when you’re restricted on space, but this will only make the room look cluttered.
  20. Utilise every spare nook and cranny of storage space. Whether that means sliding storage baskets under the bed or placing a few boxes under a desk. Try to do it as methodically as you can, otherwise you run the risk of overcrowding.

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