Due to high demand this Halloween, our Monster Repellent Bed is out of stock, so we’ve compiled our top 10 tips to battle the most common bed monster, once and for all. Here is our bed monster forecast for Halloween… 

To find out if you live in a monster danger area, download our regional bed monster guide.

  1. Dissolving monster spray

Make up a bottle of special monster spray (water works well) and you’re onto a winner. With just a few spritzes the sneakiest and most invisible bed monsters will disappear. When the magic particles land on any bed monster’s nose it’ll be forced to retreat!

  1. The bedtime snack scare

Everyone knows the bed monster hates the aroma of a healthy bedtime snack. Fruit is their biggest fear, so whip up a bowl of apples, oranges and grapes to ward off any unwanted scariness in the bedroom.

  1. Swat the monster

Easy to make yourself with a little card and a lollipop stick, a monster swatter will let any bed monster know your little one is onto it. With a few swishes through the air and a tap on the nightstand it will cease scariness, for fear Mum and Dad are coming up to see what all the fuss is about. 

  1. The big monster hunt

Join your courageous bed monster hunters in an exciting hunt by entering the room and pretending to pick up invisible monsters, throwing them into a bin bag. Move your hand inside the bag to recreate a monster trying to escape. 

  1. Watch a friendly monster movie

Not all monsters have sinister souls! Some of the creepiest creatures have fun stories behind them, and you can remind your little ones that all those pesky bed monsters can be talked into a friendly way of thinking.

  1. A magical blanket

When under attack from night-time ghoulies, a magic blanket is one of your child’s most prized possessions. Any parent has the power to turn a blanket magical with a quick spin in the washing machine and a pinch of special dust. Draped over the bed it’ll keep youngsters safe, warm and invisible to beasties! 

  1. Monster pyjamas

What better way to deter the bed monster than dress as a gruesome ghoul yourself?! Switch your little one’s regular pyjamas for creature costumes on nights when an attack is feared the most.

  1. Frightening figurines

Best reserved for the scariest times of the year, decorating your child’s room with spooky details and special figurines is a sure fire way to keep the monsters at bay. Word on the grapevine is that fairies shoo away unwanted shadows, and spiders can defend any monster invasion…we bet they use their webs! 

  1. Invent a bedtime chant

Get the family together to come up with a bedtime chant that lets any lurking monsters know to stay away. If you’re struggling for ideas, you can borrow ours…

 “Abracadabra, alakazam – send all monsters to another land!”

 10. Prevent the creeping creatures from entering your room at all! 

Design up a sign saying “Monsters, Keep Out” and hang it on the door as a convincing monster deterrent.

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