Halloween isn’t for the faint hearted. A time of year that little ones tend to adore, it’s an excuse to bring out the grim, grotesque and ghastly in yourselves, and let children’s imaginations run wild. However, sweets, spooks and fun aside, it can be an event that easily adds up, as well as taking a lot of time and effort. To make life a little easier, our five simple steps will help save the pennies, as well as create a smooth running Halloween. And with it falling on a Saturday this year, it’s the perfect reason to spend some time with your little ones and indulge in a little ghoulish fun.

1. Save those extra pennies

When picking the right kitchenware for your Halloween night, rather than going out and buying new products that you may think will help make the evening easier, look closer to home. Polystyrene and disposable cups may seem like a more convenient option for multiple guests, but by using some plastic cups you’ll save money as well as the environment. Stick a name tag on each one to avoid constant re-washing and when finished with them, they can be stored away for next year.

 2. The darker, the better

Close the blackout blinds, draw the curtains and set a spooky scene for your Halloween guests. If you have a pair of winter curtains or blinds, hang them on the day for a darker and eerier space, otherwise, hang extra fabric on top to help block out unwanted light. Use black, grey and deep blue furnishings to emphasise an ominous, night time feel as well as create a look that won’t date - even after Halloween. Try the Fiji Black Ring Top Curtains, for a true taste of midnight-like darkness.

3. Make the most of unwanted bedroom linen

Use an old pillow case to create a cheap and spooky sweet sack for your little ones. A great task to do with them in the daytime, they can be dyed with tea for an aged look and customised with paints and pens to create a trick-or-treat bag that they’ll adore. Threadbare sheets can be torn and unwound to create spider webs and spooky decorations, and an old pair of tattered voile panels can be flicked with red paint for a ghoulish look.   

4. The fun starts at home

If you’ve got a gaggle of ghouls, witches and ghosts descending upon your home for fun and games before trick or treating, perhaps revise your living room furniture and re-order it to make life easier for you and your guests. By pushing sofas, tables and chairs against the walls and creating an uncluttered central space, the adults will be able to sit and chat whilst the little ones can play under a watchful eye. Place cups, drinks and snacks on plastic trays that have been blu-tacked in place, so that any accidents or spills will be much quicker and easier to clean up.

5. Create the right light

Replace a ceiling light with a coloured light bulb (available at most supermarkets and DIY stores), or give an inexpensive paper lampshade a paint-wash in blood red to cast a spooky glow. If your little ones are older and you’ll be with them whilst they play, place candles on shelves and safe spots to create some eerie shadows. You can also give them torches to play shadow puppets with, as well as make the perfect accompaniment to a sinister tale.

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